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Tampico 135 S

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Tampico 135 S Reviews

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Are you a small paddler? As…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/16/2007
Are you a small paddler? As small as 115 lbs, 5'3", with a 32 inch inseam and size 6 feet, like me? Maybe you despair of finding a kayak that *really* fits you like the proverbial kayak glove and is also quality built, fast, light, and agile. Add dual sealed bulkheads, two hatches, a simple yet serious cockpit with really usable thigh braces, light and easy to carry. American built, backed by superb customer service with real paddlers, and a three year warranty? Are you asking too much in today's supersized world of steroidal (and often sterile) kayaks? No, you are not. Give the Tampico 135 your immediate consideration. Besides all the excellent comments below, there's more:

Fit & finish: New in August, fresh out of the shrink wrap. All surfaces smooth, even in tricky areas like the combing and thigh braces. The black trim dividing deck and hull is smoother & straighter than most FG layups. The deck rigging, pad eyes and toggles are all fitted without flaw. Inside, the bulkhead walls are smooth and well sealed. (I've yet to get a drop in the rear hatch after tipping it for rescues and wet exits. The Beckson foredeck hatch, after these sessions, sometimes held a tablespoon or two of water. It must be supertight.)

Material: The deep, almost luminous luster of the Trylon material won compliments every time I took my Tampico out. Gleams like fiberglass, wipes clean w. dish soap, and a simple green scrunge pad buffs out the usual light scratches and dark marks. I've seen a couple that are 2-3 years old - they keep their good looks.

Skill Advancement: If you take pride in your edging, arcing and leans, this kayak will reward you. If you are a true beginner,this kayak is a confidence coach.

The primary stability is there, but far from bargelike. The secondary stability makes the kayak fun and versatile in different conditions: flat water, light chop, chop and wind, waves to 3 feet, etc. I've paddled, braced, and did a little surfing in all these w. the utmost confidence.

Rollability (is that a word?) You CAN roll this kayak: 23.5" on the beam, with a flat aftdeck and very low foredeck. I haven't got my roll yet, but I've seen it done easily. BTW, this low profile not only lets you layback as you set up, but also cuts wind effect, and makes self rescue speedier,thus safer.

Cockpit: No Barcalounger in my cockpit, please. Hurricane AS has answered w. a low sculpted backband by Surf to Summit (two snaps up from the usual OEM torture device). The seat has a slight rise at front for gripping w. the inner thighs and those nice thigh braces. A firm but accomodating ride - think sporty roadster, not SUV mushy.

Performance: this kayak was born to go straight, and turns like someone just pulled a string. The Tampico doesn't know what weathercocking is. If you make yourself a fast, efficient paddling engine the Tampico can be your bullet train.

With low rocker bow and stern, a great deal of wetted hull on the water, the mysteriously efficient asymmetrical hull and light weight, you may surprise yourself and not a few of your friends in their heavier, longer boats of similiar or wider beam.

About me: Flatwater beginner. Hit the water in midAugust with my TampicoS. Since then I have gone out 40-50 times for a total of about 225 hours actual water time. So my review is not the typical beginner's review in that sense.

Nothing has made me waiver from giving it a 10. If I could gild the lily I'd replace the Beckson hatch w. rubber and extend the perimeter lines to each end, as on its big bro, the Tampico L. This kayak is lean, but not mean..... it's the consummate river boat, the beginner's pal, the boat that is your shoulders' friend whether paddling or loading up at day's end. Or maybe it's just what the kayak instructor told me last August: "She's the sweetheart boat, everyone wants to paddle that Tampico."


I'm 5'8", 180 Lbs. The wife…

Submitted by: paddler231705 on 7/24/2006
I'm 5'8", 180 Lbs. The wife is 5' 8", 130 Lbs. The 135S fits us both like a glove. We rolled it on the first try using the nicely appointed thy braces (not offered on the "L"). It tracks well, handles well in moderate lake chop and wend. Fit and Finish is excellent and the Trylon hull is first class. We deliberately swamped the boat several times and got minimal water in the storage hatches. This was a hard boat to demo as the distributors are normally out of stock. So we purchased two blind and could not be happier with the result.

This boat is something else,…

Submitted by: paddler231453 on 2/8/2006
This boat is something else, I have 15 sea kayaks so I can say that this one is a keeper. She handles smooth as class and runs both rivers and open coastal waters. Lightweight easy to portage, holds enough gear for a day or an overnighter. Rides and cuts swells with no apprehension and delivers a good days paddle without exhausting strokes. Fantastic Boat

I have had this boat a year.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/27/2004
I have had this boat a year. Best thing since sliced bread. Light immensely strong 'TRYLON' hull beats all. I am going to convert my whole fleet to Hurricane 'Trylon'.

A very nice kayak, is light…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/22/2004
A very nice kayak, is light and easy to load, tracks straight. A couple of years ago when I bought it hurricane aqua sport didn't make a bigger one so I bought the tampico and I find that my feed (size 11.5) hit the top. I moved the foot rests all the way to the end but had to drill new holes and move them down to the end of the bulkhead so they would fit. It's too bad that the cockpit wasn't just a little longer so that when my legs get tired I could raise them up. I'm 6'2" tall and weigh 145 lbs. When paddling just be sure you don't hit sharp rocks as it will skive off a nice long narrow piece of plastic. This kayak is for almost flat water only as the bow will dip under 2' waves. If you are using this kayak for fun then it's the best. I'll build my next one.

I am 110 lb female and just…

Submitted by: rivergal on 12/4/2003
I am 110 lb female and just bought a Tampico and LOVE it. I can load and unload it on top of my van by myself. It tracks great in open water even with a good wind. Spent 10 hours with only one standup break and was comfortable the whole time. Was able to keep up with the big boys!

Great boat! Low profile…

Submitted by: paddler230422 on 12/1/2003
Great boat! Low profile resists wind. Tracks straight and moves easily thru mild to heavy chop. Somewhat tougher then most getting in and out but once in is very comfortable. Lots of fun.

Wow! Looks like composite,…

Submitted by: paddler230412 on 11/12/2003
Wow! Looks like composite, weighs less than most composites but sure cost a lot less! This kayak will fit medium to smaller paddlers best but I am 6 ft 185 lbs and it fits me like the proverbial glove. Wished I had a tad bit more room but it responds to my commands instantly and tracks like it's on a wire. The 38 lb weight is as light as you'll get for a boat this size and the Trylon is tough as nails. Fit and finish top notch and everyone thinks I paid $2K for it when it only cost half that. So if you've been lusting for a glass boat but don't think you can swing the prices think again and check out the thermo-formed Hurricanes. The future is here!