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Santee 126 Sport

  • 12' 6" Length
  • 28" Width
  • 39 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 1,099 MSRP

Santee 126 Sport Description

This recreational kayak ups the ante on the industry-changing Santee 126 by adding an oversized cockpit, and it does so without sacrificing one iota of performance. In other words, you can still track like you’re on rails, still carve turns, still have more fun than should be legal in most states. The 126 Sport gives you room for fishing gear, photography equipment, and camping gear too ― whatever you need. The cockpit is a spacious 55 x 24 inches, and 55 x 24 = a whole lot of comfort.

Available with a sport console: $1,199

Santee 126 Sport Reviews


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Santee 126 Sport Specifications

  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Weight: 39 lbs
  • Length: 12' 6"
  • Width: 28"
  • Max Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Cockpit Dimensions (L × W): 55.00 × 24.00"
  • Primary Material: Thermoform ABS Plastic

Santee 126 Sport Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Storage: Stern Hatch

Additional Attributes

  • Stern Bulkhead, ABS Plastic: Provides flotation & storage
  • 10-inch Hinge Hatch: Storage compartment access
  • Stern Deck Bungee: Deck storage for dry bag & gear
  • Paddle Holder: Secures paddle to deck
  • Security Bar: Cable lock your boat to the car or in storage
  • Outfitting: AireStream seat and foam thigh pads
  • Twist-loc footbrace system: Easy adjustment from seated position
  • Molded Grab Handle, Bow & Stern: Comfortable grip when carrying kayak during portage
  • 55-inch XL Cockpit: Easy entry & Exit, accommodates small child or pet
  • OPTIONAL: Sport Console

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Recreation
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult

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Santee 126 Sport Reviews

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I bought this boat after I...

I bought this boat after I had hip replacement surgery 3 years ago. Previously I was paddling my beloved 17 ft wood kayak I had built 10 years previously. The cockpit on the wooden kayak was 29.6 inches bu just under 16 inches making it dangerous to enter. The Hurricane has a 50 something long cockpit which is too large but I have the "Dashboard" which reduces the length by 15 inches. The boat tracts extremely well dur to the flexible hull which inverts to provide a stabilizing channel. While it won't set any speed records the kayak is easy to get going despite the somewhat teardrop hull. At 75 I will be able to paddle for many more years to come.

For a small and large...

For a small and large cockpit kayak this is a great product. The hull design makes it almost as fast as a kayak at least 2 feet longer. Its beamy enough so that it rides waves well, yet low enough to the water so as not to get caught up in the wind. Turns well and with little effort. Secondary stability is amazing. If going out in chop you should have a half cockpit cover to keep some of the water out.

I would highly recommend this kayak to anyone who wants light, strong and quick as a primary or secondary boat.

Yes, the Santee Sport is...

Yes, the Santee Sport is much lighter than similar kayaks, but the hull is very weak, and great care must be used entering and exiting the boat. Within the first two months the latch on the rear hatch broke, and the bolts that hold the seat in place pulled through the plastic seat frame AS I WAS TRYING TO CROSS A CHOPPY LAKE! It is a very attractive looking boat, but the quality is just not there.

I purchased a Santee 126...

I purchased a Santee 126 Sport brand new in 2016. I selected this model for the wide open cockpit it offers and the lightweight construction. Purchased the optional Sport Console for keeping additional items and handy water bottle holder. Like the Gear Trac that came with it where I mounted a Yak Attack paddle holder when I need to put it away to take a quick photo.

The only 2 negatives I have is the sides flex too much when gripping making an exit. Improvement is need there for reinforcement. The other is the seat back which should of be higher for better support. The later models now have a seat back to my understanding.

Nicely balanced and never felt it would tip over on me. Love the Mango color.

Bought in Spring 2016. ...

Bought in Spring 2016. I've had it down in the Florida Keys and I've had it out in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. Mostly use it for local day trips to small lakes and local rivers in Illinois. Light weight was the key for me. Getting to old to to put a 70+ lb canoe or kayak on the roof of my SUV alone. Large cockpit entry makes it easy to get in and out. Comfy seat makes longer paddles comfortable. Haven't tried it yet but I think I can get enough lightweight camping gear in it for a 3-4 day trip. Paddles well. Very stable, I've done a lot of fishing from it and haven't come close to tipping it yet. Very pleased with

Have had this yak for a...

Have had this yak for a month and put many miles on it. Overall it is one of the nicest light-weight boats (39 lbs.) I have ever paddled. It is very stable. My 16-foot kayak is only a little bit faster than this boat. Fit and finish are second to none.The larger cockpit makes for easy entry/exits as well as having items readily at hand. Setting foot pegs is so easy, I often adjust while paddling to give my back and seat a rest. Seat is contoured and has several adjustments for bottom and back. Be nice to have a cockpit specific cover as the seal 7.0 is a bit too big and therefore does not sit very well and hook is on wrong end. This is a superior product and easy to put on car. Great price for a great kayak!

I was interested in buying...

I was interested in buying a kayak as we are living in the Adirondacks now and opportunities abound for lots of adventure! My husband and I drove down to one of our local outfitters to try out the 2016 models. To our surprise, there was a HUGE difference between manufacturers! After trying several kayaks and finding them to be quite awkward and/or downright uncomfortable, we tried the Santee Hurricane Sport 126 and wouldn't go back. WOW! This kayak is everything that I am looking for! It is nicely detailed with a comfortable seat, roomy cockpit and features found in kayaks costing hundreds of dollars more. The easy in - easy out feature makes it ideal for all ages including older folks who may have difficulty getting in and out of a kayak with a smaller, narrower cockpit. My overall review is a perfect score! The kayaks are beautiful and are available in an assortment of colors!

Love it, especially the...

Love it, especially the comfy seat, I have a back problem but was able to get the seat fully adjusted while under way in one trip instead of having to land for every adjustment, due to easily accessible adjusters. At 28" beam, the 126 paddled easier and tracked straighter than the similar 28" beam 116, due to the extra length of the 126. (personal preference).

Now, I won't say "you get what you pay for", or the hull material is "flimsy", this is a nice boat but also a "delicate" boat.....I saw one that had a long crack along the cockpit cowling perhaps from someone putting all their weight on it getting in or out, (I heard the company has taken steps to address this issue though, and not a good idea to sit on a boat made of thin material anyway).

Bottom line this is a really nice light weight and economically priced boat that should last a good many years if you handle it with care...maybe don't sit on the cockpit flaring full weight to get in or out for example, I've seen other boats too that would not stand up to that, to be fair.

I plan on doing some ocean paddling , and if water comes in the bow as some mentioned, will get a "half" skirt, and "presto", a sea kayak.....what the heck, before the kayak boom, people would be out there in open canoes. Oh, love the padded carrying handles, easy on the palms.

So, the only "con" is I'd like the material to be stiffer, but that would also mean a stiffer price, and there are enough things to like about the boat to make me happy with my purchase.

After over 10 years of...

After over 10 years of kayaking in my Old Town Loon, my getting older joints asked for a lighter kayak. I researched online and then looked at the Santee Sport at the Canoecopia event in Madison. I bought the Santee Sport after trying it out on the water a few months later. I have used it for several years and do appreciate its lighter weight. However it has several drawbacks. Its shorter bow has led to water washing into the boat when there are waves (I do not have a spray skirt for it). It also feels more tippy than the solid Loon. The seat fastener ball tends to slip out of its holder, and the foot rests are not that easy to adjust. So it is my kayak of choice when on quiet waters when I need to carry it further.

Purchased two of the...

Purchased two of the Santee 126 Sport Kayaks in September of 2014. Have been out 5 times last season and 4 times so far in 2015. We love the kayaks. They glide easily on the water. Seats are comfortable. Foot pedals are easy to adjust with wands on each side! We have used these on lakes in rough and calm waters. We transport with J-bars on a trailblazer. They are lite weight about 42 lbs and easy to load!

I just pick up my new...

I just pick up my new Hurricane 126 Santee Sport. What a great looking kayak in Mango. I love this kayak, its lite weight and very stable. I kayak for 5 hours and the seat was comfortable and firm. It handle great, can't wait to go kayaking again.

Very happy with this...

Very happy with this kayak, We use it on rivers, lakes, and gulf flats. It is easy to paddle, turn, and glides well. The kayak is easy to carry and getting in and out of is a pleasure. We go about 8 miles on a normal paddle and the seat is comfortable.

Is the kayak perfect, well no. If you are in large waves the large cockpit will take some water on. I have other kayaks for large waves and believe the Santee is a good rec kayak.