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Hull Drain Plug

Hull Drain Plug Description

The hull drain plug stops water infiltration. You can also use the Pelican BILGE PUMP to drain or remove excess water. Prevents water infiltration and allows for drainage of excess water.

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Hull Drain Plug Reviews

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Hull Drain Plug

This plug works great if it…

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This plug works great if it fits your yak. However, it doesn't fit even some of Pelican's own models, so my advice is measure twice, buy once... Many boats DO have this standard size plug hole, so it may very well work for you. 

I liked that it was plastic because the thin metal edges on my old plug were sharp enough to cut fishing line and dug into my fingers when I tried to pull it open. I also like that the little insert piece keeps the plug in the boat even when it is opened, so you have less chance dropping it in the lake or forgetting it in the car (not that I've ever done that;)

Bottom line though, when this plug didn't fit my yak, I made one from a small rubber stopper with a string through it to pull it out. Cost much less and functions 100% water tight. I made a few so I have extras and still cheaper than this plug