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Redfish 14 Reviews

Read reviews for the Redfish 14 by Heritage Kayaks as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

For me, the Redfish 14 is...

For me, the Redfish 14 is the perfect kayak. I'm 6'0" and 240 lbs, and it has more than enough flotation for me, a cooler, and gear. I've even taken my son and golden retriever on trips, though not at the same time.

This boat has the perfect balance of width for stability and length for tracking. I can stand and fish from it, and I regularly paddle moderately technical stretches of river up to class III difficulty. This is a boat that I truly love to paddle. It is heavy to portage, especially with wet gear, so make sure either your back is strong or you get a good stow-able, rugged cart to help you roll this thing!

If your needs are fishing,...

If your needs are fishing, this boat is uniquely designed to give you a great experience. The hull is more like a battle ship design and it prevents 'hull slap' that sounds very loud under the water and scares the fish. My 14' RF is so stealthy, I sneaked up on some deer who were sleeping in the tall grass. I made a sound and the 'queen' doe jumped up with a surprised look on her face. They ran off, but she stopped and looked back at me snorting. Ive also sneaked up on raccoons, beavers, and huge fish. I picked light tan color. More stealthy. Buy a carbon fiber paddle. You will appreciate it at the end of the day. I usually fly fish for trout out of mine. Happy paddling!!

Even though the Redfish 14...

Even though the Redfish 14 is rated a 10 on sites for tracking and everything else, I find my husband's Big Game Ocean Prowler (12.9 or 13) tracks better. The hull design is different. I don't know much about hull designs or kayaks as a new owner, but I know I can tell the difference between the both. His is harder to paddle, so I'm faster being a foot longer and a few inches thinner.

It's a trade off, but also, I should have gone to one of those big symposiums to try different ones out. I don't know if I could have gotten the same size but a better tracking kayak.

Overall, I like it. Don't know if I would consider a rudder. I have to try a demo of any brand/make or model just to see if a rudder would throw me off or if I'm better off just using my paddle to steer. Steering w/ a paddle slows you down. I bought it to use as a safer kayak for recreational use, not fishing.

My first SOT; rigged for...

My first SOT; rigged for fishing. Just added a Scotty flushmount rod holder and paddle clips to the side. A bit heavy to hoist at 70 lbs, but tracks very well. I can back up into saw grass and fish sitting sideways with access to all the rear storage. Great (little wet) ride for about $750

This yak paddles great! It...

This yak paddles great! It tracks well, has good speed & is quiet through the water. So far, I'm very impressed with the quality of construction and features. The stability is spot-on. I haven't been in any really rough water with it yet, but have experienced some boat wakes and have made some off-balance casts, and it seems stable at all times. All in all, I really love it & would buy another in a heartbeat.

This is a great yak. I had...

This is a great yak. I had been thinking about the Marquesa when I went to make the buy but bought the Redfish instead since the rod holders were right where I would have put them and the store had set it up with a seat instead of just the backrest. On the way home we stopped by the lake and put in for the celebratory cruise. Very stable, good tracking, and she rode flatter than I had expected with my daughter riding in the stern tank. The only thing I would recommend to Heritage would be a better selection of colors. I'm real big on visibility with jet skis and ski boats zooming around.

I definitely made the...

I definitely made the right choice after a winter of shopping and comparing I couldn’t be happier. This is my first kayak and had no trouble from the beginning. It has taken fishing to a whole new level of fun. What a blast!

I just picked up my new...

I just picked up my new Redfish for flats fishing here in the Gulf. This kayak is great, I upgraded to a highback seat and it is very comfortable. It paddles very stable and is plenty fast enough to cover the flats. I made the right decision with this new kayak.