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G1740C Reviews

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Durable, tracks well,…

Submitted by: viking on 6/7/2018

Durable, tracks well, multipurpose, fun. My family bought one when I was a small child. It was great for small lakes and tortuous small streams in South Jersey. We soon bought a used second one. Later we learned to whitewater canoe in them. Fifty years later my mom & sister still use one for canoeing in the Pines. The Old Town Royalex they'd added to the fleet sits unused -- too heavy, less stable, and tracks less well. I'm now shopping for a used Grumman 17 to replace my EasyRider Ouzel 15-8. The Ouzel is a nice canoe, but doesn't track well, is harder to paddle on lakes, has a more vulnerable hull, and has less usable capacity. The Ouzel will make someone else quite happy, but the Grumman 17 is the one for me.


I currently own 2 Grumman…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/25/2016
I currently own 2 Grumman canoes. Both are G-series canoes, one is 1958 the other is as old or older. They are both square back or square stern. They are maintenance free just wash 'em off store em upside down on the racks good for the next is the 19' freighter canoe has no numbers except for state of Iowa issued number stamped into rails at rear of canoe pre 1972. The other is 17' and is 1958 by the title and has no numbers anywhere .last summer I acid washed the 19' then polished it with maguires metal polish, wow I mirror. Then a coat of there best wax, covered it with plastic for winter. The 17' will get polished this summer, takes 20+ hours to clean polish and seal with wax. Well worth the work. Slides through the water real nice mud just falls off with garden hose. Grumman canoe are what I learned with back over 45 years ago and still hanging in there. Am I partial to a maintenance free canoe? heck yes. I like all the new canoes don't get me wrong, I just like the older solid canoes. I do have trail ex sut 350. As I get older it makes transporting much easier. I will and can still get them on top of van just makes it easy being on trailer. I love canoeing, paddle on!!!

I used Grumman canoes 50 yrs…

Submitted by: Paddle-to-the-Sea on 1/28/2016
I used Grumman canoes 50 yrs ago in boy scout camp. Finally found one (a 17 footer) for sale on someone's front lawn. It was originally painted sky blue. Grumman says it's at least fifty years old - don't care. I've used it in salt and fresh water. We used it to paddle around with our six kids-can't do that with a kayak! It's a great boat. I love it and want to be buried in it.

I have owned the 13 ft…

Submitted by: paddler236623 on 12/31/2015
I have owned the 13 ft lightweight, 15 ft lightweight, 17 ft lightweight, 18 ft lightweight and 17 ft square stern Grumman canoes. Also about 25 other canoes of verging materials. Paddled them in every type of water. The Grumman canoe is the most versatile all-around canoe there is.

I have been using Grumman…

Submitted by: WaterWacker on 7/2/2015
I have been using Grumman canoes for 55 yrs. I get jabbed at for my metal bath tubs, but I've yet seen a canoe that will take the daily use and abuse rocky rivers hand out like the Grumman's do/ I had a shue keel 15 ' for 30 yrs best buy I ever made. Still have a 17' shue keel and a 17 ' sq stern. With minimal care these will last generations. If by some insane way you do crack one a weld shop can make it like new. Plastic welds ?? not so much. No UV worry ,just turn'em over on some saw horses. any doubts on durability . rent "Deliverance" and watch one in action

I have a 1947 17-foot square…

Submitted by: Longhiker on 6/18/2015

I have a 1947 17-foot square stern canoe from the Grumman Aircraft Company. I bought it in 1983 and it looks just as good. It has been painted and needs it every now and then. It leaks a little bit from one of the thousands of rivets. Otherwise, this canoe is solid and dependable. My three kids grew up being paddled around. Thirty years later my son and a friend used it for a three day trip down the John Day River. I will never sell this canoe. It is a family heirloom in my opinion.


We use this canoe for…

Submitted by: honusail on 8/5/2014
We use this canoe for fossiling in rock rivers and run into anything with no fear of sinking. Hold a ton and great with a small kicker.

I now own a 15' Grumman that…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/31/2014
I now own a 15' Grumman that my dad bought in 1954, the year I was born. It is a war horse! Been in rivers, lakes, and oceans from Chesapeake Bay to the Pacific near Santa Cruz, CA. The most memorable trip was 5 days down the San Juan River in Utah in 1978. Some day I will pass it on to one of my sons and I hope he will do the same for one of his kids. You cannot beat the construction, especially the beautiful flush riveting which was carried over from aircraft manufacturing.

We just purchased a used…

Submitted by: paddler235163 on 7/25/2013
We just purchased a used Grumman 17 ft canoe. The reason I selected an aluminium canoe is because I want to be able to leave it lying around the shore rather than worry about UV damage. We are first time canoers and our lake is very calm, except for wake from motor boats. My two boys, aged 6 and 9, are now very comfortable going out with me in this canoe. It is solid and feels safe. When there is a strong wake, I turn towards the wake and when it rolls under the canoe, it makes a "dong, dong, dong" sound which used to scare my younger son. Now that he is used to it, he doesn't mind it. I feel very comfortable taking my two boys with me in this canoe. Sometimes my husband comes along, he is a big guy, over 230 pounds, but we all still feel very safe.

We recently received a 14 foot inflatable boat as a gift. The boys like to play at canoeing by themselves in the shallow part of the lake. They have both categorically decided that the Grumman is way easier to steer, goes faster, feels safer and is very easy to care for. I think I may need to keep an eye out for another one of these so that they don't fight over it as they get older.
Best purchase decision ever!


I was given a 1958 15' double…

Submitted by: paddler234613 on 6/23/2012
I was given a 1958 15' double ender Grumman for free! It was one of the best free things I have even received. It it wonderful to paddle, and no maintenance is wonderful. It rides on the top of my Jeep Wrangler with ease and it is a pleasure to paddle. I have been canoeing all my life and by far this is the best canoe to paddle a lake, river, or stream in..

I have my Grumman canoe model…

Submitted by: paddler234569 on 6/5/2012
I have my Grumman canoe model 1740 since 1994. I use a 3 HP Johnson 2 cylinder outboard to help after a long paddling time. I had several canoes in my life and nothing can beat the quality of a Grumman canoe. We use the canoe on the St. Laurence river and it can turn quite rough sometimes but my trusted Grumman never tipped. Since I have a van it is now too dangerous to carry the canoe on the roof so I bought a boat trailer with side beds and use it to carry my Grumman. Also I use a canoe dolly that I bring all the time with us inside the canoe just in case we need it everywhere we are. Nothing can beat a Grumman.

I have had my 18' Grumman…

Submitted by: paddler234353 on 11/10/2011
I have had my 18' Grumman double ender since my dad bought it in 1956. I was 10 at the time and it is still hanging by my garage today. We have had hours of fun with it camping and fishing. We used to put a 3 h.p. Johnson on the side and that canoe would fly. I had it at college with me in San Antonio, Texas way back when. I have floated the rivers there with sometimes had up to 12 guys and girls and a case of beer in it. It is the Jeep of canoes and every time I look at it I think of my dad. My 33 and 30 year old sons are ready to take it over. It is still in great shape. Thanks Mr. Grumman.

Heavy (75 pounds) - Slow…

Submitted by: paddler234269 on 8/31/2011
Heavy (75 pounds) - Slow (symetric, angle of entry of 17 degrees). When it fell out of a pickup on a gravel road in 1988 it scratched more deeply than I would have liked. When I got it caught on a bridge support in 1995 in class IV water it bent more than I would have liked (though it needs less J stroke today). Ugliest boat in my garage. Does everything poorly, and it's the first boat I grab.

The van of canoes -- not at…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2010
The van of canoes -- not at all sexy, but totally reliable and can carry a plethora of supplies, kids, and dogs. I can park it outside or in the garage, use it just about anywhere in a wide range of conditions. Every few years I wonder if I should get rid of it and buy a few kayaks but I can't justify getting rid of something that performs flawlessly and has a functional lifespan longer than most humans.

After polishing and buffing…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/13/2010
After polishing and buffing my 32 year old double ender, my thoughts were of the excellent WWII aircraft Grumman produced and how that excellence went into their postwar production of this canoe. Solid and roomy, stable and great long-term investment in outdoor fun. I solo it backwards with 5 gallons of water ballast under the bow seat and it tracks great. My Old Town 16 weighed 10 lbs less but lacked the stability and tracking that I admire in my Grumman. When fishing Choke Canyon Lake in S.Texas, home to trophy bass, catfish and thousands of hungry alligators, dumping your canoe is to be avoided. You can buy lighter, prettier and more flexible canoes but you cannot buy better.

I own two Grumman canoes. …

Submitted by: paddler233570 on 5/6/2010
I own two Grumman canoes. One found after a hurricane in NC while in school at the bottom of the Tar River. The other a 1960 model. Both stored outside in the sun on the Choctawhatchee Bay. Even the salt water doesn't touch these bullet proof boats. Still running strong and not one problem after 50 years.

I have a very rare 17 foot…

Submitted by: paddler233403 on 10/5/2009
I have a very rare 17 foot double ended Grumman with factory webbed seating (Alum. tube seat frame with lawn chair type webbing attached by a notched pinch clip, not screws). It was a special order of canoes made this way by request "just one time" per the Grumman management). Grumman acknowledges it, but has no records or photos on file. Just stories from the real old timers that have since retired. It is heavy gauge with tons of aircraft rivets. I wouldn't trade it for a high dollar fiberglass canoe or even a new Grumman! The seats make the difference + it could be the last one remaining in existence! Only minor useage markings, no severe or repaired damage exists.

We took it out for Class 3 rapid trip just this week. Nothing beats a Grumman. Legendary much like a Harley Davidson! I prefer the Web Seats for comfort to the rigid aluminum. A local canoe rental guy said, Aluminum doesn't last. I said, find me an antique fiberglass or plastic canoe and then we will talk about durability. Especially if you stored yours in direct sun, outdoors like I have!


I have a 1950 Grumman 15 Foot…

Submitted by: paddler232485 on 3/17/2008
I have a 1950 Grumman 15 Foot Like New That I Still Use That Has The Old Aircraft Style Rivets (many More Than The Newer Ones) & Had a 17 Foot Shoe Keel I Bought New With Double Bang Plates. I also have an Old Town Tripper & It Is the best Except The Skin Is Scraped Off & You Can Not Fix That.The Grummans Are Tough As Nails & You Never Have To Worry About Leaving Them Out In The Winter. It would take a lot of money to get my 1950 Grumman As They Were First Made In 1945. Fifty Eight Years Old & Still Like New.

My rating for Grumman canoes…

Submitted by: paddler232248 on 8/10/2007
My rating for Grumman canoes is off the charts. Can you really call anything else a Canoe if it doesn’t have a Grumman sticker on it?

I was practically born in a Grumman canoe and have been cabrewing, camping, fishing, gunwale pumping, hunting, motoring, paddling, picnicking, poling, portaging, racing, roof racking, sailing, submerging, surfing, swamping, trailering, towing, white watering and wooeing women, in my 1966 red 17’ double ender for the last 41 years. My parents owned and sold Grumman canoes since before I was born (1958). This was our family’s 2nd generation Grumman and it, and its blue painted twin has survived and protected my 3 brothers and all our crazy friends, my 6 children and theirs, as well as Boy Scouts through many, many adventures. It has sailed Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan in 6 to 8 ft swells, and dozens of smaller lakes in the blazing sun, high winds, rain, hail, lighting and even a water spout.

We have paddled more rivers in it than I can remember; the AuSable, Auglaize, Black Fork, Clear Fork, Hocking, Kokosing, Mad River, Maumee, Mohican, Muskingum, Mahoning, Ottawa, Ohio, Scioto, Olentangy, Big and Little Darby, Great Miami, Little Miami, Sturgeon, Indian River, Tuscarawas, Walhonding Rivers to name a few. Maintenance? It don’t need no stinkin maintenance! No patching, painting, or cleaning. I have no doubt that these two canoes will be passed down through the next 2, 3 or 4 generations of my family none the worse for wear.


Have used two G1750CSK 1970…

Submitted by: paddler231676 on 7/10/2006
Have used two G1750CSK 1970 Grumman 17 ft whitewater models from Mississippi - Arkansas - Oklahoma - Ontario - Texas - Wyoming, in whitewater, lakes and sloughs. Running rapids, fishing, and dragging them behind 4-wheelers through swamps to use them as ferrys for cruising timber. Pretty? Nope. Stout? Yes. I wonder if these little wisps-o-nothing modern boats will stand coming off of your truck at 70 mph and flatten roadside metal posts, and only have a small dent? Or lay out in the backyard for 36 years, never inside, and still work as well as Day One? Oh, yes, learned to sail with it, too! Grumman cannot be beat, in my book.

I wish there was an 11 or 12…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/17/2006
I wish there was an 11 or 12 or 15 out of 10 for this boat: Had my shiny tin-can 'clunker' for going on 30 years, run everything from Class I to IV+ in this thing, canoed and camped to above the tree-line in 4 seasons ( Was actually cutting thin river ice with the bow on the return from one trip)Beat the CRAP out of this thing season after season after season , dragging it through hellish rocky portages and it comes back for more.

Sure, it ain't some fancy Kevlar, ash-gunwaled cherry-trimmed beauty; It's a beast of burden and more beat up looking than Keith Richard's face, but like 'Keef', it keeps going and going......


Have had this canoe since…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/4/2005
Have had this canoe since spring 1976 -bought it in preparation for a 100 mile trip on the Lehigh and Delaware rivers for the Bicentennial. Have since run those rivers a number of times and the local lakes as well. Sat for a long time until after my father passed away, now it is in my garage for the winter, but will see regular use again come spring. Was great in any of the rapids and on the Lehigh below White Haven never had an ounce of trouble. Still in wonderful condition, no leaks and very few dings. Guess I'm good at keeping it off the rocks!! - Or better yet, the canoe is good at staying off!! Will never get rid of this one!

I love the old aluminum…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/1/2005
I love the old aluminum Grumman canoes. I learned in a 12 foot fiberglass and I have owned a lot of boats but the ones I love are the ones my scout master had. He was a wonderful scout master. When the local scout council would not give him canoes for a white water trip he went to town and purchased 10 Grumman canoes, 4 river 18 foot boats 4 lake 18 foot boats and 2 monster 20 foot WAR canoes. Every boy in the little town of Reardan WA for the last 30 years or more got to learn on those boats. We ran rivers from central Montana to California and never met anything those 10 boats could not handle. Not fast and not flashy but those old boats brought us out the bottom of every rapids and crossed any lake. In honor of the scout master who provided them and the boats themselves they both should be remembered!

I've had my Grumman for 35…

Submitted by: paddler231322 on 9/19/2005
I've had my Grumman for 35 years and agree 100% with the favorable comments about its ruggedness and reliability. What I didn't read in the comments is how versatile this craft is. I bought the sailing kit at the same time as the canoe and it's still in very good condition. The canoe is surprisingly stable under sail and lots of fun. Also, I subsequently bought the motor mount and on hot windless days or when going upstream I mount my 3.5 hp motor and zoom along at about 1/4 throttle. A pint of gasoline takes on a very long way.

Unfortunately this canoe…

Submitted by: paddler233536 on 4/25/2005
Unfortunately this canoe doesn't get the respect it deserves these days. When I bought mine 30 years ago, the dealer said it would last me a lifetime and it will. I figure the 17' Grumman has about the perfect geometry for a recreational cruiser canoe. I've owned Dagger, Mad River, and Mohawk canoes, but I'll always keep the Grumman around. I don't paddle it that much these days, but when I do it's like being back with an old friend.

Bought in 1978 to leave on a…

Submitted by: paddler231020 on 4/3/2005
Bought in 1978 to leave on a beach for ready access. (Glass boats die in the sun.) It has been bent around a rock and has a minor ding after straightening. Best buy of a boat I have ever made. ($150) Never a regret.

Just got the one with the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/4/2004
Just got the one with the shoe keel (whitewater model) little heavier with the extra ribs bout overall a very nice boat. I got this rather than one of the polyethelene or royalex because of the longevity of this type of canoe (I just saw 1970's models on ebay for 4-500 dollars (half the new price) the weight is 80lbs and actually only about 5-10 lbs more than similar length royalex boat. This boat tracks well and turns pretty easily and carries 3-4 people with ease. My only complaint is the rib closest to the stern seat catches me right at my knees when I am kneeling (as I usually do ) might have to get a pad for that...

I was thinking about selling…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/5/2004
I was thinking about selling my standard 17ft Grumman in our neighborhood's garage sale this weekend and did a google to see what a reasonable price would be. After reading through the comments on this site, I've decided to keep the canoe. I was thinking about replacing it with one of the new light weight boats. The comments made me realize what a great canoe it is, how many wonderful memories it has made and that a new, light weight glass canoe wasn't what I really want.

This canoe is about 20 years…

Submitted by: paddler230467 on 2/5/2004
This canoe is about 20 years old and given to me by an old friend who no longer can paddle. Out with the gang, the Grumman is undestructable. It's not as fast, not as pretty, could be a little more comfortable, but it's the all around best canoe I've ever owned. I often carry up to four canoes, the grumman always comes off first!

I've had my Grumman for about…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/23/2004
I've had my Grumman for about 9 years, and it was used when I got it. It has always been stored outside (in the shade). It has bounced of of trees in swift rivers, been dragged through low water streams and paddled solo on calm lakes. The Grumman is nearly indestructible when given a minimal amount of care, and when used with a modicum of common sense. I agree with all of the positives listed below. This is a GREAT all-around canoe for the recreational canoeist. It is not the most efficient, nor most maneuverable, and it weighs a LOT, but it is a work horse. I compare it to my old '88 Subaru - not too fast, not too pretty, but reliable, fearless and refuses to die.

A real workhorse ! More…

Submitted by: paddler230361 on 9/17/2003
A real workhorse ! More function than form. Hot in the sun...gathers condensation in the spring that pools in the bottom of the boat. Glare inside can be a problem but a can of spray paint fixes that. Shallow draft, steady on center, fairly seaworthy (surprisingly), and lots of room. If buying one get the shoe (whitewater) keel as it tracks just as well and won't hangup on rocks, etc. as the standard keel does. Can be a real long term investment.

I've owned the Grumman Double…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/30/2002
I've owned the Grumman Double end 17footer for about 2 years and have done over 1000 miles in river running and excursions. Mostly for recreational purposes. I am on the Gulf Coast and have also paddled in the bay, it makes an excellent fishing boat. If your by yourself, its easy on/ easy off the top of the car and with a center seat or sitting backwards in the bow seat you can get your trim set to get underway with some reasonable speed, even paddling alone. This is my first choice for an all around recreational+ canoe.

I have been paddling this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2002
I have been paddling this canoe for the last 36 years. I started with my father as a 13 year old and still have the boat as a 49 year old. It still is my all-time favorite boat. I can carry it on a 460 rod portage, and did last summer in the boundary waters with my 13 year old. I can leave it in a barn for 5 years and when I wash it out, it looks as good as it did in the '60s!

Aluminum canoes, personally owned and cared for can be wonderful long term investments. They do not need to look like the rental fleet which the Russian Army marched over. They really do last a lifetime. I have loved sail boats and kayaks and motor boats, but if there is any boat I own which my son will be sharing with his 13 year old it will be the Grumman.