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  • Length: 17'

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I've owned my 17' Grumman...

I've owned my 17' Grumman for 15 years and actually bought it used from a canoe rental company in Mississippi. It still slides through the tough spots on my annual Red Creek Expedition or is sturdy enough to take on the lake with the grandchildren!

My dad bought our 17ft...

My dad bought our 17ft Grumman used in the late '50s. It has been in all 5 Great Lakes, the Atlantic, Yellowstone Lake, and hundreds of rivers and lakes along the way. Now mine, and other than the 72lb weight seems to me as good a canoe as any, and is still in great shape. The downside is the noise that can be made and the fact that it tends to hang up on river rocks where Royalex slides right over.

This canoe has handled 5-7ft waves, some pretty good rapids, paddles easily on lakes, with the help of a good polish. This canoe can go many more generations with care. Not affected by UV light, seemingly unaffected by constant stresses, and gets dents and scratches rather than holes when meeting rocks. Just bought a second one so others can join the fun.

Nice thing about any canoe is the low maintenance and easy storage. Not to mention the great places it can take you. Great to explore a marsh in spring....

A light weight aluminum...

A light weight aluminum canoe (about 66 lbs.) with very good secondary stability. It was very easy to load by myself on top of a van. The initial stability would feel a little tippy when you first got in but that feeling quickly went away and you realized you would have to work at tipping it over and we never did tip it over.

We had this canoe for about ten years. I sold it to neighbor a number of years ago when we were moving out of state and have regretted it every since. We used it mainly to fish out of and it worked great with one adult and one kid or two adults.
I'm thinking of trying to find a used one but don't see them very often.

Found my 1971 17' eagle a...

Found my 1971 17' eagle a couple of years ago. I think it was used as a planter because there were few scratches and no dents on it. The scouts and I solved that problem. It has been used on river trips over 100 mi and has performed great. 2 peoples gear wont even clear the gunwales packed for 5 days. It tracks nice, at first seems a bit unstable but you get used to it. It isn't slow, but it does take a bit to get up to speed. I wouldn't call it nimble, it is 17' long with a keel, however it has been steered by a lot of kids with not a ton of experience over 100's of miles so I assume it turns well enough. It is made to go long and straight, and that is what it does real well.

Downsides - The inside of alum canoes is like a reflector oven. 2 cans of flat tan camo paint cured that. Seats are alum canoe seats. For long trips you need a backrest. Alum sticks on rocks, period. It will hang up where a plastic boat will bump over.

Nothing is a 10 but if you are looking for a tripping boat that you can bang up some and still plan on owning for a long time, you will have a hard time finding a much better, almost maintenance free, canoe that works this well.

The 15' Grumman Eagle...

The 15' Grumman Eagle square stern (model number 1540CES)has both good and bad qualities. It is quite light for a large capacity canoe and it is very stable. I have had 4 adults plus a trolling motor and battery in it with no problems.

Being aluminum, this boat will also last just about forever with no maintenance. On the downside, it is pretty tough to paddle, especially solo. It is wide and the outside gunwale makes one have to really stretch to paddle. It also really catches the wind and takes quite a bit of power to drive it. I have also used the newer model Grumman 16' (1640CS) square stern and found it a lot easier to paddle and faster when driven by the same trolling motor. I would recommend the newer model even though it is quite a bit heavier and probably has less load capacity.

I just bought a 15' Eagle...

I just bought a 15' Eagle Square Stern, lightweight (63 lbs) and love it. I check with the Grumman people and, based on the hull #, it was built in 1988. I can get it on and off my truck by myself. I am going to fabricate a seat in the center so I can paddle from the middle when alone.

I am proud to own this...

I am proud to own this boat! A person could not ask for a better boat! It holds a on of gear, cuts through water well, and there is just something about it that makes me love it. I have used this boat to teach my nieces and nephew to canoe, taken it down creeks, rivers, and lakes and have never been disappointed. It's heavy but sturdy and well made. I will never sell this boat!!

I have an older Grumman...

I have an older Grumman Eagle that is really a nice canoe. It is very stable so I was able to take very young children without fear of tipping. I found very little flex in the bottom, which is not always the case with fiberglass canoes. I even used it for sailing with success on Forked Lake in New York. Attaching pontoon flotation was a breeze when my little ones wanted to try and paddle from the seat as well as young kids out alone.

It's not terribly light but easy enough for two people to carry it. It has been dragged over rocks, hit by rocks and all manner of other abuse but none of that shows. I would buy another Grumman Eagle if I had to, but this one is doing very well. My parents still own their Grumman canoes and they are more than 40 years old (the canoe's) and still in use with no problems.

Love my Gruman Eagle. Very...

Love my Gruman Eagle. Very light and paddled well. My family used it on many gentle river adventures and fishing trips. Sold it after about 10 years when the kids grew up and I started paddling alone in a kayak.

We had a Grumman Eagle...

We had a Grumman Eagle from 1987 until 2004. The boat is totally aluminum and totally sunproof and showed only mild surface pitting after being used exclusively in salt water. After we got kayaks, we never used the canoe and therefore sold it. It is a pig to paddle compared the the yaks!

I had My 17 foot light...

I had My 17 foot light weight Grumman mailed ordered to me through Sears when I was at Michigan Tech. and it was a great investment. It is a great flatwater canoe and is very easy to portage at 65 lbs. I have taken it to Isle Royale for a 50 miler with the Boy Scouts and to many other places including recently a 6 day excursion at Craig Lake state park. It is very durable and you can load a ton of stuff in it, on one trip in college we had 4 adults 2 large dogs, gear, a keg of beer and amazingly a baby! A great canoe!

I picked up my Grumman...

I picked up my Grumman Eagle in 1995 and have used it well over the years. Done a fair amount of camping out of it and I have never had any trouble with weight capacity or reduction in speed. It's been on the Delaware River between PA and NJ, Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies, under the railroad tunnel in Whiteshell, Manitoba and down the OSO River in Corpus Christi, Texas. It has seen the Peace, Wekiva, Kelly Run, Econlockhatchee, Withalacoochee and many others her in Florida. Right now it sits off Lake Holden in the heart of Orlando. Should be taking another trip on the Santa Fe or Econ before this summer is out. Overall this is a great canoe camper, it's like an RV. Might even carry my MTB one day.

Our family has been using...

Our family has been using these canoes since the 1950's for camping the adirondacks and trips to alaska. Durable and capable of carrying alot of gear. Although can be difficult to paddle when over 60% capacity.

I got my Grumman Eagle as...

I got my Grumman Eagle as a graduation gift in 1982. Since that time, we have traveled more than 2500 mile together. In many ways, it is a very likable canoe. It is light at 66 lbs. Unlike other Gruman models, it has a slightly arched bottom and a whole lot of flare, so it can handle waves and boat wakes without any problem. It is easy to turn, yet tracks quite well. And it can hold a fair amount of people and gear. And, being aluminum, it doesn't ave to be babied at all. One washing a year just about does it! On the flip side, it isn't all that fast, the falred hull shape makes it a bit hard to paddle at times, and the keel on the bottom makes it a bit hard to handle on white water (although she has run a lot of class III rapids over the years without any problems).

I've got other, more advanced canoes, but the Grumman is the one I always hang on to. She's been the Atlantic, on the Chesapeake, and on rivers from the St. Lawrence to the backwaters of the the Everglades, and she's been able to handle it all. Not too many other boarts could say the same!