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Traveler Reviews


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Grasse River Boatworks
Traveler Reviews

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I have this canoe in a carbon…

Submitted by: paddler230751 on 8/20/2004
I have this canoe in a carbon layup. It is a pleasure to paddle and has very good speed for it's length. I use it mostly for pond hopping in the adirondacks. It performs great and is easy to carry on long carries. I can't think of a better canoe for this use.

The Grasse River Boatworks…

Submitted by: paddler228307 on 9/28/1999
The Grasse River Boatworks Traveler can be best described as the "Sports Car" of the sixteen footers. I have been paddling my woodstripe for almost 10 years in every kind of water. From small streams to large lakes this canoe has never let me down. This canoe is ideal for paddling small streams with sharp bends. The Travelers rounded hull allows a solo paddler to lean the canoe into the turn with quick and responsive control. Tracking, and boat speed is excellent. I'm not one to go in the wilderness for extended camp outs but I have done numerous weekend solo camp outs with the Traveler and found that the Traveler is camper friendly if it is not over loaded.

My canoe is a three seater but most of the time is paddled as a solo boat from the center seat as I am a larger paddler. I find the 33 inch beam very comfortable to paddle.

I have been in love with this canoe from the day it came out of the shop. Paddling a woodstrip is a special canoeing experience, and is enhanced by the Grasse River Boatworks craftsmanship. I believe this boat will be in my family for a long long time.