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Spirit™ 120 (10’)

  • 10' Length
  • 28" Width
  • 46 Weight (lbs)
  • MSRP

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Spirit™ 120 (10’) Description

Our innovative dihedral hull allows the Spirit™ 120 to paddle and track with ease while offering maximum stability. The generously sized cockpit allows the easiest of entry and exit as well as exceptional comfort. Graduated foot wells are molded-in to accommodate paddlers of any size or age. Combine these features with portability, the Spirit™ 120 is at home on the lake or on the coastline. Like all of our kayaks, the Spirit™ 120 is easy to maneuver... easy to carry... fun to use.

Spirit™ 120 (10’) Reviews


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Spirit™ 120 (10’) Specifications

  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Weight: 46 lbs
  • Length: 10'
  • Width: 28"
  • Primary Material: Polyethylene Plastic

Spirit™ 120 (10’) Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Hull Shape: Multi-Hull
  • Chine: Hard
  • Storage: Day Hatch / Midship

Additional Attributes

  • Dihedral hull for the ultimate stability and tracking
  • Graduated foot wells
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Rear 7" round hatch
  • Front, rear and side carry handles
  • Molded in cup holders
  • Front bungees
  • Self-bailing cockpit
  • Rotomolded

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Recreation
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult

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Spirit™ 120 (10’) Reviews

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It's a little unstable for...

It's a little unstable for a beginner like myself. The seat is a little short. But overall handles well and good for the price. Great platform to build on. I made mine into a fishing kayak.

We really like our kayak...

We really like our kayak easy for me to use but after a month one of the Cary handles broke and seat has started to come apart.I can't find a place to go and get these replaced. I brought this from Dicks sporting but they couldn't help me.

This was my first kayak...

This was my first kayak and it is still one of my favorites. It's nice and light which is important since I am small and kayak a lot by myself. It is very easy to handle in the water and it is always the kayak that my friends fall in love with when I loan it out. I have only used it for river and lake kayaking so don't know how it would do in the surf. It doesn't have a lot of dry storage but for the recreational kayaker that I am it is enough. My grandson learned to kayak sitting in front of me and it was comfortable enough to go for hours even with the two of us and he had no problem handling it even with my added weight.
I would definitely buy this kayak again!

I have used mine until it...

I have used mine until it should be ragged...but it isn't. I have several kayaks and its my favorite. I have used it on lakes, rivers, and the ocean. The handles on the side are great. It is slightly heavy for me as a smallish woman but I can manage on my own. Stable and tough. Good choice.

This Future Beach Spirit...

This Future Beach Spirit 120 is a great kayak for the price. Can be purchased at Dick's for under $200 when on sale, and is by far the best sit on top kayak in that price range. It's strength is versatility; anyone from a 6' tall person to a child can be off and paddling comfortably with no adjustments.

It is remarkably stable and tracks straight and true. Not quite as fast as our sit inside Perception kayaks, but it's ease of use makes this kayak the favorite pick at the waterfront. I took a point off for the very small storage hatch, but that is just a minor comment.

Nice, inexpensive...

Nice, inexpensive sit-on-top sport or fun boat. Very stable. Have paddled Class I-III water with no problem in this boat. Just keep paddling and moving forward! Also easy to maneuver and glides pretty well over flat water.

I own a few kayaks and...

I own a few kayaks and canoes and this kayak tracks nicely and is stable. Two problems. First off, the "dry well" doesn't keep thing dry. The fitting is too loose. Secondly, if you need to order parts, this company is slowwwwwww. Like glacially slow. I ordered a new seat back directly from the company and have been waiting over 2 weeks now. When calling them about it, you get someone in a third world country promising they'll call me back within 48 hrs. .......... still waiting. I won't buy future beach again.

This Sit On Top (SOT) has...

This Sit On Top (SOT) has been the perfect first boat for my son. I bought it 3 years ago when he was 9. He's now 12 years old, over 5' and 100lbs, so he's about to outgrow it, but after 100 paddle trips, the boat is still in great shape.

It compromises a bit of speed for stability, with it's dual keel design. It's a bit heavy for its length, but very solid thick ABS plastic that still looks new on top with only a few scratches on the hull.

I purchased the Future...

I purchased the Future Beach Spirit 120 as a recreational kayak. I am still adjusting to it, but it tracked and turned easily both times I've had it out. I got a little nervous about some of the ski boat wakes, but it handled them smoothly.

I have 6 kayaks of my own...

I have 6 kayaks of my own ranging from 10 to 15 feet long. I have had the opportunity to use one of these during this past week in varying water conditions while visiting a relative. Compared to the 10 footers I own the Ride feels even shorter, thus in water that has even the smallest wave action it is rocking front to back. While it is a very stable kayak for it's size. It feels more like an 8 footer than a 10.

I have a hard time giving this kayak a recommendation for anyone, because I feel there are better kayaks in this size range. My wife tried it as well and found the resistance more than her 11 foot kayak. She also barely touched the padded seat cushion and it snapped off. We will be replacing that.

Lastly the kayak tracks fine with no problems. I do like its build quality, although I have seen some on store display that were not as nice looking as the one I tried. It is unfortunate I really wanted to like it because of its build and shape.

This is an unusually...

This is an unusually well-tracking kayak for so such small size. It is stable enough. Dry storage is small, thought enough to hold wallet, car keys in zip-lock. I'm keeping this kayak, because it fits inside Toyota Sienna.
Not sure about weight limit. I'm 160LB and shorty, kayak is good for me, however person who is 200LB or over will find it too small and unstable.

The Spirit 120 is, as...

The Spirit 120 is, as mentioned before, difficult to turn compared to the white water I grew up with. However, its stability makes it a wonderful fishing kayak. I named mine Valoo.

Excellent entry level...

Excellent entry level kayak. I bought mine from Dick's on sale, walked out with the kayak, paddle, PFD and a paddle leash for $270. Took it to Owl Creek in Virginia Beach today and was paddling like a pro in ten minutes. Very stable, lot's of fun. The only downside is that the storage area is very small.

Just purchased two Spirit...

Just purchased two Spirit 120 kayaks for me and my wife. They are a great all around kayak for lakes or rivers.

Nice cheap kayak for...

Nice cheap kayak for lightweight beginners. Cons: The side carry straps are not centered causing the yak to nose down when carrying it. The weight capacity is overrated. I weigh 220 and the top edge was just above the water. Other than that, a good kayak for under $200.

Have used the Spirit for...

Have used the Spirit for river and easy whitewater paddling. Very versatile in a variety of water conditions. VERY stable. Good beginner/intermediate boat. Fits me at 5'4" and my boyfriend at 6'1". We enjoy our Spirits.

This kayak is super stable;...

This kayak is super stable; hard to turn but is a sacrifice in pro of stability. This is a good kayak for kids