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Cayman™ 124F (10'4")

  • 10' 4" Length
  • 31" Width
  • 47 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 599.99 MSRP

Cayman™ 124F (10'4") Description

The Cayman™ 124F (10'4") is a kayak brought to you by Future Beach Leisure Products. Read Cayman™ 124F (10'4") reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Cayman™ 124F (10'4") Reviews

Read reviews for the Cayman™ 124F (10'4") by Future Beach Leisure Products as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I sort of "inherited" this...

I sort of "inherited" this Cayman 124F SOT fishing kayak from my late brother-in-law, who sadly, as a Vietnam Vet, ended up passing away from cancer from that horrible chemical called Agent Orange, that they sprayed in the jungles. :(

I am keeping the Cayman 124F just as he had it, complete with his assorted fishing lures in a small tackle box behind his seat, in honor and memory of him.

Anyway, the Cayman 124F is a fantastic kayak, very stable, very maneuverable, and is a little hefty at 47 pounds or something like that. It's not bad and can still be manhandled, hauled up overhead (upper body strength!) and carried to the launch. I love the livewell in the bow and the various rod holders built into it. It's rugged, sturdy, and will take you anywhere you want to go!

I have the 124. This is my...

I have the 124. This is my first kayak. I got it for both fishing and recreation. I really like this one. Its very stable, I can kneel and stand on it without it flipping. The only thing I don't really like about it is the seat. However, I'm tall and like to sit up more, so nothing bad about it, just my opinion. On the water, it moves well, turns good. I would recommend it.

This kayak was my first...

This kayak was my first purchase of any kayak fishing or otherwise. I am a noob kayak fisherman. I bought it back in June 2016 from Dicks sporting goods which had a great deal on it at the time $299.98. So Dicks sporting goods they have good sales and prices but there policies on purchases and there customer service is very un accommodating. They neglected to give me the piece which holds the rod holder together. Also I bought a paddle that was one which was previously bought and returned. So it was taped together where it clicked in and out with the two ends showing they were locking together. Or so it seemed as I pull the tape off they are not in locking position in fact they don’t even fit at all.? But given it was a black box purchase no refunds were available. So when I got home I was assembling everything checking it out. I had called back to the store which was 45 minutes from my home. They couldn’t connect me with anyone in store who could help. So the moral of the story is DONT BUY KAYAKS OR KAYAK ACCESSORIES from Dicks sporting goods period. They will expect you to return the product. Or option 2 was to wait as long as 5- 10 days and allow them to ship a different kayak to my home and send the other out to be picked up. This is if a piece is missing on it or if it is damaged etc. Speaking with CustomerService rep from the 800 number. In my opinion being in the service industry for 11 years. If a product you purchase is a high dollar item from a company. You would think they would just overnight a new rod holder or a piece to make it fit. I assumed wrong I personally was told to contact Future Beach. Which I did and boom simple easy email and with registration complete and proof of purchase and serial number all checked. I was sent the rod holder which that particular company Future Beach they had no questions or anything. They just sent it. I was very satisfied with the way they took care of me. But as far as the kayak and the time I’ve been on it in the water. I haven’t had any issues or problems with it. The price value on this thing well over weighed any little issue I experienced if I did even at all.

I recently purchased...

I recently purchased this kayak from Dick's Sporting Goods and is my first Fishing kayak and first kayak ever. It is a great kayak for all your kayak occasions. Some Features such as 2 accessory mounting rails, a self bailing cockpit and 2 flush mount rod holders.

Adjustable comfort seat
Adjustable Step Lock foot rest system
Swivel rod holder
2 Flush mount rod holders
2 Accessory mounting rails
10" cam-lock hatch with dry bag
Large stern well with bungees
Front, rear and side carry handles
Molded-in cup holder
Integrated drain plug
Self bailing cockpit
Length- 124"
width- 31"
Height- 13.25"
capacity- 300 lbs
weight- 47.4 lbs

The version I picked up from Dick's is not the 124F version but the Cayman 124 which does not have the paddle holder but overall I like the kayak and recommend it to everyone that is looking for a great kayak with out breaking the bank. I have taken it out on Key Biscayne Bay-Miami Florida (saltwater) and the kayak paddles & treads well, very stable for long kayak trips or fishing and the cam-lock hatch helps to store items. I rate this kayak a 7 because the adjustable seat strap broke with-in the second kayak trip I took. I am happy that I have been able to catch several fishes from this kayak. Jack Crevalles, Snappers and Saucereye Porgy just to name a few.Overall a good kayak for the money. I hope to see more video reviews on youtube of this kayak soon. I thank and Love for what they are doing for the community of kayaking,paddle boarding and Kayak fishing.

This is my first fishing...

This is my first fishing kayak but not first kayak. Some features include adjustable and removable seat, adjustable foot rest system, swivel rod holder, 2 flush mount rod holders, accessory mounting rails, 10" locking hatch with dry bag, stern well with bungees, front, rear, and side carry handles, molded cup holder, drain plug, and self bailing cockpit.

Length- 124"
width- 31"
Height- 13.25"
capacity- 300 lbs
weight- 47.4 lbs

This is not the fanciest fishing kayaks but it is a great kayak. I can put a milk crate in the stern well and it fits perfectly. There are plenty of attachment points. I added a no drill anchor trolley system. Can comfortably fish or just paddle out of this thing for hours at a time. Decent price ($450 at Dicks).

I've had this kayak in the ocean, lakes, ponds, and creeks. Does well in all scenarios. The first fishing kayak I used was a 13' wilderness kayak and was hooked. This is not quite as good as that one but this one comes close. I gave it a 7 because after a couple uses the screws from the front carry handle popped out. I used a rivet tool and riveted it back down.
Overall a good kayak for the money.