Freeride 57

6' 6"
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Freeride 57 Description

The term freeride is defined as going without a set course, goals or rules. It means taking the most creative line possible. The design concepts of the Freeride 57 and 67 allow the paddler to take full advantage of the total play potential of any river or play park with complete comfort and confidence. Be it surfing smooth carved lines on the face of a wave, throwing well balanced precision cartwheels and loops, or splatting and squirting your way down the river, the Freeride is designed to create that uncharted line.

Freeride 57 Reviews


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Freeride 57 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

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Freeride 57 Reviews

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freeride 57 all day

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/24/2015

As there is no water right now, i took the new free ride to to ocean for a little surf action.Its very comfy, handles well and surfs good. Can’t wait for spring run off and some river time. You absolutely, positively, cannot beat LLogics outfitting. i would definitely recommend this boat to anyone who is like me and would like to surf, spin, run rapids .

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Fun the First Day

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/15/2015

This is my first play boat. Even though I have much to learn, the first day on the water with it, I was able to do stern squirts and it surfed very nicely. Getting the cockpit customized for a good fit was very fast and easy with the foot pads and hip pads provided. After spending two consecutive days in it, I can say that the outfitting is very comfortable. I like it very much.

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Fun and Playful

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/14/2015

The freeride 57 is a great little boat for paddling down river and being able to play in all the waves and holes along the way. The bright colors that the freeride come in are nice for standing out on the water. At 6'2" tall, I am able to fit in this small kayak with the main foot foam block only and it is fairly tight. With the foam block out, it can be much more room for your feet, making things more comfortable. This kayak is a lot of fun playing in the waves.

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Freeride is a sweet ride!

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/20/2015

I’ve had a Freeride for 3 years now. This could be my favorite boat ever--and I've paddled many boats over the course of my 37 years of whitewater kayaking. I’m primarily a river runner, but I do enjoy surfing and some basic (well, lame?) playboating---no aerial moves in my limited repertoire.
I really love this boat. First, LL's outfitting is just so damn nice I'd almost buy their boats based on that alone. And I've noticed some refinements that make it even better (easy access to the stern, for example). I like the XL cockpit; the thigh braces and seating position are comfortable and well placed for good posture and boat control--easy to work the lower body for edging and rolling.

I don't know how exactly to describe the first aspect of the boat that I noticed; it's really simply the feel of the boat on the water. It's responsive yet forgiving. You can get it way up on edge to carve and it just feels smooth. Not edgy or twitchy. It also feels really well balanced. It rides up nicely on the water, no bow diving or stern grabbing. It's one of those boats that just inspires confidence.
Rolling? Performs as advertised. Really easy to roll. As a result, I’ve noticed that I’m more confident and more aggressive when I drop into a hole to play. I spend more time upside down, and it takes little effort and minimal set-up to get it back up.
Surfing? Wow! This is a surfing machine. The extra length and associated speed is noticeable. It seems to work on auto-pilot to catch a wave. I just have to ease it out on the wave and it takes over. Other paddlers with shorter, full-on playboats don’t seem able to stay on fast waves that I’m able to hit and shred endlessly.
Playing? Again, I'm just trying to catch up with and learn more advanced (and basic!) moves, so better paddlers than me need to comment on that sort of stuff. But I can say that I feel really comfortable getting into holes, doing a bit of side surfing, 360 spinning, back surfing, and just sort of riding out the hole---exiting in various vertical forms or upside down.
River running? This is a champ---my go-to boat for most river running. It’s great on our shallow, rocky, technical Wisconsin whitewater runs (Class II/III) and it did great out west on the Arkansas River in Colorado (Class III/IV) down the Brown’s Canyon and the Royal Gorge. These runs pack more punch than my local runs due to higher volume and pushier water. The Freeride is a perfect fit for these kinds of runs.
If I had to get by with a single boat, this would be it. I like it so much I just bought a new one; my existing one is still in good shape, but I want to be sure I have a replacement for the day when I need to retire it.

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Good all around river running playboat, but could use improvements compared to other boats I've paddled.

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/7/2015

Things I like: #1: I can fit in it comfortably. I'm 6'2" with size 13 feet and weigh 175lbs., so most playboats that I fall within the weight range for are just too small for me to fit inside with any comfort. I fit in this boat with the seat in the middle position. #2: The hull design is well thought out and I have been pleased with the hull speed of this short boat. It is noticeably faster on a wave and downriver than the WaveSport Project 62 that it replaced. I'm no pro freestyle kayaker, but the playability of this boat is also great. Stern squirts and surfing are a breeze. #3: The seat and hip pad system is very comfy. Things I don't like: #1 is the LL thigh brace system. I'm tight in the boat and my knees still slip out occasionally during combat roll situations. I've been paddling recent WaveSport boats and never had this happen with their awesome thigh brace design. #2 is the boat as a whole just seems slightly more flimsy as far as plastic/molding than my WaveSports. I sold a Project 62 to buy the FreeRide and the cockpit was definitely stiffer on the Project. When I sit on the back rim of the cockpit in the FreeRide, I can feel it bending while I never experienced that in the Project. #3 The back band sits too low and the solid plastic strap develops pressure points that a webbing strap does not. Again, I'm comparing to WaveSport & Dagger boats that I have paddled. I realize now that I like more of a floating back pad as opposed to the LL fixed version.

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Had fun for 2 days !

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/6/2015

Had the chance to demo this kayak for the past 2 days and had a blast. Took it down some class 3 and easy 4. Me: 6'3, 33 ish inseam, size 12 feet and 185-195 pounds without gear. I've been paddling for 7 years, class 4 boater that can run small 5s. I was looking for a Riverplay under the 60 gallons mark. What I really enjoy are wave wheels, stern skirts 180+ on eddy lines and kick flips while going down the river. All the boats I've tried were too small (53 gallons, my feet hurt) or too big (64 gallons, too much volume). Too big of a boat made learning those tricks I thrived for very difficult. Too small of a boat was very uncomfortable and basically meant you'd get a squirt boat feeling going in anything bigger then class 3.

First thing you'll notice is the foot room. First time I get in that small of a boat with enough foot room that I can use a foam block with my feet flat on it while the seat is centered. Tall skinny guys take note here, those 2 little bumps in the front are awesome.
Off the to the water ! Good hull speed on the flat, turn out the boat handle my weight really good. Stern is above the water, thumbs up. My flat water cartwheel technique is off but was able to thrown the boat around with ease. The volume/shape of the boat will make learning flatwater tricks easier for me. Took it down some big fluffy non technical class 4, was a bit worried because of the lower-ish volume at first, but turned out the ride down was very stable. Was able to navigate through it without issues, again good hull speed. It's not 60ish gallons kayak stable but for it's size I was very surprised.

Caught a few 1 shot deal surfing waves with ease. Good speed, not a twitchy ride, smooth carves, flatspins were easy and that's about all I can do while surfing :P

All in all great low volume river runner that allows you to get silly on your way down. I will definitely own one in the near future.

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Love Liquid Logic

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/20/2015

So far so good! Got any stickers?

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