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Diamante Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Diamante.

Diamante Reviews

Read reviews for the Diamante by Formula as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I own a new, 2001, Diamante…

Submitted by: paddler229766 on 6/24/2002
I own a new, 2001, Diamante (I know they are called Susquhanas now) I traded up from a Montauk for more foot and leg room and stability. I got all that, plus the boat is faster than the Montauk except when headed directly into a strong wind. I'm out on the Chesapeake Bay a lot and have found no matter which way the wind and waves come the boat hanldes like a champ and the skeg rarely needs to be used. I especially like the back band and seat. Both make for comfortable hours in the boat.

I purchased a used Diamante…

Submitted by: paddler229269 on 6/4/2001
I purchased a used Diamante after trying one out for a day on flat water.I liked the handeling speed and the skeg. I still do but my feet don't fit! Size thirteen I moved the seet back two inches, and put a mouse pad on the deck for my bare heels. My toes are still bent and when I try to get into the rhythm of the long paddle The unfit is to distracting. I hate to trade this boat but I can't afford foot surgery.

I purchased a diamante in the…

Submitted by: paddler229190 on 4/16/2001
I purchased a diamante in the fall of 2000. I was impressed with its handling capabilities, as I wanted to use it for fishing the flat shallow water in Florida. After several local trips I had to modify the back rest as it was totally ineffective. it would twist up and under leaving my back against the coping. I added a hinge to the seat base to backrest and this solved the problem. On a trip in Florida the seat bracket broke through the top of the kayak leaving one side of the seat unsecure. The kayak was still usable but had a gaping hole in the fiberglass next to the cockpit. The seat bracket was attached directly through the wall of the boat with no extra support or bracing. Since the fiberglass is no more than a 1/16" thick it quickly gave way with repeated use. The seat itself also cracked giving me a nice pinch on the backside of my thigh. Since I was lucky enough to purchase through a reputable dealer, I was able to get credit for my full purchase price and upgrade to a Necky Looksha. The quality difference is obvious now that I have experience in what to look for in construction techniques. For what it is worth, the retailer expressed concern that Impex/Formula (the manufacturer of the diamante) would not honor a manufactures guarantee and they were going to be "stuck" with the returned, defective kayak. My advice: stay away, huge disappointment, 8-(

I Recently purchased a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/19/2000
I Recently purchased a Diamante. I have paddled a lot of boats and in my opinion this is one of the best. I have been kayaking for several years now with a plastic Sealution boat and I just felt like it was time for an upgrade to Fiberglass. It took me several months and a lot of demo days but I found this one. She handles really well and rolls nicely, she also tracks well and is a pleasure to paddle.

My first sea kayak is a…

Submitted by: paddler228737 on 7/10/2000
My first sea kayak is a dream. Handles nicely (I've only been in 2' lake waters) in both head winds and following seas. The fore and aft compartments are watertight with a new gasket design. Looking forward to more demanding water.