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Bluefin Reviews


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Bluefin Reviews

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The Blue Fin is my first surf…

Submitted by: paddler237127 on 9/20/2016
The Blue Fin is my first surf ski, and I've had one since September 2015. I am very happy with it and enjoy paddling in different conditions, such as lakes, rivers, and out in the ocean. It's my first surf ski after having owned an Epic 18x for many years. Fenn markets the Blue Fin as a beginner surf ski, or one very suitable as a "transitional" boat to guide someone from a sea kayak to a surf ski and I have found it to be easy to paddle, stable, and generally comfortable. I'll paddle it anywhere between 6 and 15 miles, but 8 miles or so is a more typical paddle.

What I like:
- Stability - it is a very stable platform. As a relatively new surf ski paddler, it allows me to focus on improving my form, without worrying about conditions. Catch a wave, anyone?
- Easy to paddle and maneuver. It glides beautifully through all types of conditions.
- Fit - The bucket is not too wide and the foot board and pedals are easy to get into. ( I am 5'9" and 170lbs and wear a US size 10). But after about an 90 minutes, my backside starts to hurt, though that might be more a criticism of my butt than the Fenn's bucket.
- Venturi drains - The double venturi drains work well, and keep the cockpit dry. They drain quickly once you get going.
- Foot board adjustments are easy. Minimal fussing.
- Re-entry is easy. The bucket doesn't sit too low, so it's easy to get one's butt back into the seat. (See also stability)

What could be improved:
- The hump under the knees - could be a bit lower. ( I understand this is the case with the new Blue Fin S, but I haven't seen one.)
- Space in front of the foot board - Nominally this is to hold a water pouch, or things like a small waterproof bag. There is a recessed space there with bungees, but it seems an after thought. The Fenn Water bottle does not fit snugly there, and you have to be careful that the rudder cables don't rub against it.
- Carry handles would be nice. - Footplate - this is angled just a little bit too far forward.

Overall, it's a terrific boat.