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  • 41 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 499 MSRP

Loma I Description

The Loma I is a kayak brought to you by Feelfree Kayak, USA. Read Loma I reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Feelfree Kayak, USA
Loma I Reviews

Read reviews for the Loma I by Feelfree Kayak, USA as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I am a 63 year old female...

I am a 63 year old female and this is my first Kayak. I tried out several but found the Feel Free Move had all the features I needed for recreational use on lakes and rivers.

I have found it to be lightweight enough for me to load and unload by myself. It has a wheel which allows me to pull it without it dragging the ground. The seat is comfortable and the bow hatch has a easy off/on cover. The molded side handles make it easy for two to carry. It is self draining and has a drain plug for any water that may leak inside. I find it easy to steer and navigate for a kayak of this size, shape and price range.

After decades of canoeing,...

After decades of canoeing, I wanted a lighter boat for easier soloing. When a Feelfree Loma I turned up in the local classifieds at a good price, I briefly sat in it and instantly bought it. What I found was that after just 2hrs on the water, I was wishing I'd done more research into small kayaks. The Loma didn't have room for my size 12 feet to be comfortable on the pegs, so my legs and feet were always contorted. The molded seat wasn't adjustable at all, and became very uncomfortable after a couple hours on the water. In fact, the 2nd time I used it, I had it out for 4hrs, and nearly couldn't stand up to get out of it at the end, because my back hurt so much from the seat.

The 1st time out on a medium sized lake in the wind, with just 6-8" chop, the bow continually dipped down into the chop, and with such a low bow, that was a recipe for a very wet ride. Also, the boat really didn't track all that well in the wind on the open water. This is to be expected in a boat this short and wide. However, I later got to try a friend's Pamlico 100, and realized that these short boats don't have to be such miserable experiences. The Pam maneuvered better, was faster, and significantly drier. Compared to the Pam 100, the Loma was quite a bit less responsive, and more sluggish.

Initial stability on the Loma is extremely good. In fact, it's so good that I never did get to find out about it's secondary stability.

Another positive note, is that while there's no store presence for these boats in the US, yet, calling the FeelFree US dealer got me prompt courteous service and a discount on both a decent spray skirt and a cover. I never did wind up using the spray skirt, but it was surprisingly well made for the low cost.

Initial stability 10
Secondary stability N/A
Comfort 3
Tracking 4
Maneuverability 5
Features 4
Customer service 9

If you're looking for a safe, wide, stable boat for the kids to play on the lake, this one merits consideration. But, for little more money, there are far more capable boats in this class. Those considering this boat should also consider the WS Pamlico 100, WS Pungo 100, Perception Swifty 9.5, and OT Loon 100.

After just 6 hrs on the water in 2 trips with the Loma, I put it up for sale. It had taught me what I want and don't want in a small boat.

We got it at a great price...

We got it at a great price before Feelfrees started getting more popular on Ebay. In general it is a good boat, my 9 year old daughter loves it. Two quibbles:

1) Tracking is so-so. We borrowed an LL Bean Manatee (Perception) that is almost exactly the same size. When my daughter was in the Loma I, she zig-zagged a lot. She was straighter in the Manatee.

2) Our last time out the river was really low--we regretted going in hindsight. The keel on the Loma made going through the shallows more difficult because it was more likely to get caught up on a rock than the smoother-bottomed Manatee.

All in all we're happy with it.

Since I bought my Loma, we...

Since I bought my Loma, we have logged over 38 hours exploring the Minnesota river from Granite Falls to Nicollet county. This is a very stable river runner that paddles easy. We paddle with two Dagger Blackwater 10.5 owners and They tried my Loma. They were impressed with the stability of the Loma in mild whitewater and the great tracking (without the use of a skag). I love it!!!!

Purchased this boat off an...

Purchased this boat off an Ebay Auction. I could not be happier. I'm 6'2" and am completely comfortable in this small boat. The Loma tracks pretty well. Not the best I've paddle. But far from the worst. It holds a pretty good line in a stiff cross wind. The seat back folds forward to allow ample rear storage.

I have used the boat on slow rivers both with and against the current. I have also paddled light white water (cat1) and it responded to every move fast and effortlessly. I will not hesitate to take it through faster water. Overall I think the Loma is very good all around recreational boat.