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Feelfree Kayak, USA
Corona Reviews

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We bought this SOT to tote…

Submitted by: WesHall2001 on 7/2/2015
We bought this SOT to tote our boys around who were not strong enough to paddle their own kayak. We can get our entire family of 5 on this kayak for family adventures, granted my kids are 11, 8, & 5. There are several things that make this SOT stand out from the others we were considering.

1. Instead of plastic seat/thigh brace attachment points, FeelFree molds stainless steel bars at well place points along the gunnels.
2. This SOT can be set up for tandem or solo, which is great when I want to take it out for some fishing or play in the surf.
3. For an SOT this size & not designed for surfing, it is a fun beefy kayak to take in the surf, tandem or solo.
4. Two "dry" hatches logically place for access in a tandem or solo setup. Hatches stay dry for average paddling, but will take on some water when playing in the surf.
5. The rear wheel is a great addition, which allows for one person portage to and from the water.
6. The molded in side handles bow, amidships, and stern are well done, especially the placement of the side handles at the amidships.

This was a great purchase for family use as it serves a multipurpose of group family adventures, surf play boat, and rudimentary fishing kayak.


The Corona is a great boat…

Submitted by: paddler235670 on 7/3/2014
The Corona is a great boat for its purpose. We bought it with plans to either haul gear on multi-day trips, or share with friends on day trips to the lakes. I mainly use it solo with the seat in the middle, room for dogs or gear on the ends. Recently went on a multi-day trip to the Missouri Ozarks, it was great. The boat responds well to sharp turning for being 13' long. You can even stand up paddle in it.

I bought this today for use…

Submitted by: paddler235207 on 7/27/2013
I bought this today for use with my kids. I'm 6'3" and 200lbs with a 6 year old and 4 year old who will only grow. I took it to a local lake today and with me towards the rear and the 2 kids at the front I was really impressed with it. It tracks well - stays in a straight line - and was very maneuverable.

All in all a great buy. The wheel in the keel is a bonus when you have kids who can't carry it with you. It's too heavy to lift on and off the roof rack but I roped a passer-by into helping. The storage on this thing is great. Huge capacity, stable, agile.

Overall a great addition to the family!


I purchased this as something…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/14/2012
I purchased this as something to do with my son. Neither one of us a little people, I'm 6'5 275lbs. My kid is 5'5, 180 lbs and growing. Anyway I bought for the 660 lbs capacity as we plan to take it camping around home and need to haul gear. Two things. Its great for that. It will hold it!!

My first use of the kayak was by myself in the single user configuration. I hated it! It was hard to handle, didn't track well and all in all not a fun experience. But I gave it another shot, but this time in the tandem mode with my son. It was like getting into a race car. This thing needs the weight. Just with him sitting in it, I was able to paddle it easier and faster than by myself. Now if I'm alone, I put a cooler full of river water in the bow just to weight it down and paddle from the rear.

This is a good kayak for single use to haul gear and an awesome one to go tandem. I have found the more weight the better. Seems weird, but that's the way I like it. and the best part is me and my son are having fun together with it for very little money invested.


Purchased this as a dual…

Submitted by: paddler234029 on 6/1/2011
Purchased this as a dual purpose; single SOT, and tandem +1. We enjoy fossil hunting, and rock hounding, so we needed a cargo capable boat. I also wanted it to able to paddle as a single. My son and I went out on the river with minor waves, me on the Corona and my son on his Nomad to try them out and check for leaks. My first impression from the center seat was, "What a barge!" We practiced maneuvering in the tributary then in the river choppy water. The corona didn't weathervane too much but it is tough to turn quickly. The trade off is extreme stability. I was able to stand up, even in the choppy river! I am pleased with the speed as a single, beginner paddler, and will update this posting when I get to take it out as a tandem.

Excellent sit on top kayak.…

Submitted by: paddler233215 on 7/8/2009
Excellent sit on top kayak. Stacks of storage; have recently ventured into the sea and extremely stable cutting through waves. Plenty of space for my wife, my 7 year old son and I. A well priced family kayak