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Synmat 7 Deluxe Air Mattress

by Exped

Synmat 7 Deluxe Air Mattress Description

The Synmat 7 Deluxe Air Mattress is a accessory brought to you by Exped. Read Synmat 7 Deluxe Air Mattress reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Synmat 7 Deluxe Air Mattress Reviews

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Several years ago I...

Several years ago I realized that between a Grand Canyon rafting trip and just one sea kayak trip I would be sleeping on the ground for at least 5 weeks that spring and summer - time for a new mattress! The deluxe thermarest was not cutting it anymore for my back. After much research and testing several options from friends, I settled on the Exped SynMat 7 with built in pump. Best decision ever!

I love how comfortably I sleep - just as well as at home. No need to have a smooth spot, as it evens out the lumps. The synthetic insulation is critical - much warmer than other air mats without insulation. Having used both the Exped 7 (72" x 20" x 2.8" deep) and the Exped 9 (77.5" x 26" x 3.5" deep) I recommend the Exped 7 - it is just as comfortable, and much quicker to pump up. Well worth the minute or two it takes to pump it up for a great sleep.

Four Grand Canyon trips and many sea kayak trips later, the mattress has held up great. Had to send it back once to get a leak repaired that I could not find, and they fixed it at no charge.

SPECS: Insulated with polyester microfibers. This version is 26" x 77.5" x…

Insulated with polyester microfibers. This version is 26" x 77.5" x 2.8" thick; weighs 39 oz.; R-Value 4.9 (will keep you warm to about zero degrees F with a proper sleeping bag); packs into a stuff sack 6" x 12". It is made in smaller, lighter versions, but for kayak camping there is no reason to get anything smaller. Splurge on the largest one and enjoy the luxury.

The Exped Synmats and Downmats are widely recognized by experienced backpackers as the most comfortable mattresses on the market. After getting the Synmat 7, I got rid of my Big Agnes Insulated Air Core (for backpacking) and my Thermarest Luxury Camp mattress (for car camping)---the Exped does it all; no need for more than one mattress.

The Exped is the most comfortable camping mattress I've ever slept on. It's so thick you don't feel the ground at all. It's wide enough to keep your arms from falling off the sides. The material and construction appear very durable. It doesn't lose air. This mattress has a pump built into the mattress. You can inflate it either with your hands or with a foot. It takes about 50 pumps---a couple of minutes. Not exactly fun, but it works well and is worth the effort for a great night of sleep.
For summer camping you turn the mattress over and sleep on the uninsulated side.
This mattress easily deserves a 10!

Synmat 7 Deluxe Air Mattress