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Topo Reviews

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I've had my topo for about a…

Submitted by: paddler230298 on 9/2/2003
I've had my topo for about a year now and its great. Tight technical runs where everything else gets stuck somehow the topo goes on auto pilot and misses everything. On drops resurfacing is instant. The outfitting is basic but is tough and does the job so great! Its not the best hole punching boat but is suprising the holes it gets through and how easy it is to get out of the others. Buy one! everyone needs a topo.

This boat rocks!! If you want…

Submitted by: paddler229600 on 2/25/2002
This boat rocks!! If you want a boat for running steep low volume creeks, this is THE boat. You can even have some old skool play. I'm 6' and 14 stones, this boat is soooo comfy!! The plastic is up to the usual eskimo quality, however the outfitting is showing signs of age, especially compared to some of the industry leaders, i.e pyranha. I'm off now for some topo fuelled adventure!

I love this little potatoe…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/27/2000
I love this little potatoe for how quick it does its things, it's still the fastest smoothest rolling boat I've paddled. It pops out of holes to give you some air time if you want it. It does not however have the design for freestyle playing so look elsewhere if that's your aim. Can't beat it for those fast moving river spots. The traditional hull design makes this boat a very easy transition from the bigger river running kayaks. In that transition you'll quickly note the lack of ability to track, in fact it doesn't track at all so your paddling skills will need to compensate here.

I have had a spud for more…

Submitted by: paddler228426 on 1/22/2000
I have had a spud for more years than I can remember. If it's tight and twisty with gnarly drops onto rock, there's nothing else! Best boat in the world for those big, BIG drops!! Get one now.

Excellent boat for super…

Submitted by: paddler228237 on 8/14/1999
Excellent boat for super tight technical creeks. I am digging the topo for low water creek runs and am actually handpaddling it down these runs. It boofs really well and is super stable for such a short boat. It is a classic boat that even after 25 years still serves a purpose.

I've had my little "spud"…

Submitted by: paddler228047 on 4/6/1999
I've had my little "spud" boat for about a year now. I know this boat is ugly and very retro (designed in 1979) but on low volume, high gradient runs it really shines. If you want to try something a little different, this one is a great choice. If you take it to big water though, you're gonna get spanked.