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An absolute pleasure to…

Submitted by: paddler234937 on 3/29/2013
An absolute pleasure to paddle. She's both remarkably fast and stable. I'm 6' and 250lbs so needed a boat that would carry heavy loads (max is 390lbs). However, my wife who is 5'5" and less than half my weight also enjoys paddling her and finds her quite agile. She tracks straight and turns easy without the rudder, which I almost never use. When I do use the rudder I find it very easy to deploy and retract while in the water.

Being Kevlar she's relatively light at about 50lbs, and I'm able to lift her to and carry her on my shoulder without difficulty. Plenty of storage, including easily reached space right behind the seat, and I love her deck rigging.

When I bought her I was considering new and used models as much as four times what I paid. If you can find one and she meets your mission requirements, don't hesitate.


I bought my Seastar new in…

Submitted by: badpaddler on 6/16/2007
I bought my Seastar new in 1993 and still paddle it occasionally. I have had more compliments on the paint job than I can count. It is the red deck that fades into a yellow with a black trim and white hull. There is nothing bad I can say about it. I used it in open sea racing and have done very well with it in the touring class. It is very fast and responsive. It travels well without the rudder and when I needed it during breaching seas or following seas, it was more than I could ask for. There are faster touring kayaks today that I own but I can pretty much keep up or drop most people I paddle with in it. I have taken it out in 8 to 10 ft. swells and had a blast... with 25 knot winds.

I may be rating this kayak a little high, but I guess it's done everything I had hoped and wanted it to. The only draw back was that I ordered a Kevlar boat and Eddyline sent me a Fiberglass one and I needed it to race that weekend so I went ahead and paid for it. Oh well - I've had it now for 14 years and it still looks new and I'm still getting compliments on its looks and speed. Never had problems with water getting in the hatches. I've gone through 6 & 7 ft waves that have crashed over me and filled up the cockpit and hardly a drop in the hatches... One beautiful kayak...


The SeaStar is a fast,…

Submitted by: hodgmojo on 5/4/2005
The SeaStar is a fast, straight tracking kayak with minimal rocker. I have paddled her in winds (and seas) to 30 kts at all angles and weather cocking is minimal. In fact, I removed the rudder and have had no regrets. I also replaced the fiberglass seat with a foam one and added to the knee braces for better control. It is a deep dry boat with a lot of storage and is ideal for a large person with a long torso as the cockpit coaming is relatively high. When the boat was new it had some weepy hull-deck leaks which Eddyline repaired promptly. SeaStar surfs easily on wind waves or with a gentle broach to the beach. A lot of fun to paddle distance.