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#3 Original - 60L Canoe Pack

  • $ 335 MSRP

#3 Original - 60L Canoe Pack Description

The #3 Original - 60L Canoe Pack is a accessory brought to you by Duluth Pack. Read #3 Original - 60L Canoe Pack reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

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#3 Original - 60L Canoe Pack Reviews

Read reviews for the #3 Original - 60L Canoe Pack by Duluth Pack as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I currently own two Duluth...

I currently own two Duluth Packs, a #4 and a Paul Bunyan. Both of these packs are TOUGH AS NAILS. The Paul Bunyan pack will hold more gear than I can physically carry. While Duluth packs are more expansive than other packs, if properly taken care of they will last a lifetime. The Duluth Pack company is second to none on customer service. I noticed two holes wearing through my #4 last summer (it was purchased new in 2007) while on a trip. Upon returning I contacted Duluth Pack Company, returned the pack and they replaced it with a BRAND NEW pack! Great packs, great company, great customer service!!

I have used Duluth Packs...

I have used Duluth Packs all my life. I use them on an almost daily basis. They are simple, serviceable, reliable and dependable. They are not waterproof. For many years we used heavy mil plastic bags, inside the Duluth Pack, but last year I started using lightweight Granite Gear dry bags, inside the Duluth Pack, for my clothes and sleeping bag and found it to be a better system.

I currently use the Hudson...

I currently use the Hudson Bay model Duluth Pack. I have an OOOld #3 as well. True they are not ergonomic. They do however give peace of mind. They wont break, period. The volume of this particular pack is very large and is an issue if you try to carry heavy gear. I pack my blankets, bag, thermarest, and tent in seperate plastic bags (trash compactor bags). and they all go inside of the plastic bag that comes with the pack. Long heavy gear then go in...saw, hatchet, tent poles, pack rod. Total weight about 45 lbs. There are probably better bags out there . I don't care...I'll still be using this one in twenty years.

I have one #3 Duluth pack...

I have one #3 Duluth pack that has been in use for about 20 yrs. I use it for my cook kit and things like saws, extra rope etc. that I'm not too worried about getting wet. The cook kit rides in a waterproof river bag and everything else just sits by itself. If not overloaded the pack is easily carried. However for my own personal pack I use the rubber river bags as they are easier to keep waterproof if closed properly. I also had a large Duluth type bag made of Cordura with a fancy harness and waist belt in addition to a foam back support. I threw it out after a couple of seasons as it was a hassle to close and wasn't compleatly waterproof or comfortable to portage.

Duluth packs may have been...

Duluth packs may have been the thing in their day but I believe their day is long over. I own 2 duluth packs. They carry terrible, even when packed proberly). On long (over 1km) portages the tump line is the only thing that makes them bearable. As far as I am concerned they are nothing more then a sack with straps. If you are a traditionalist and can't get by the nostalga enjoy being uncomfortable but as for me the new packs far out perform the old. I replaced my Duluth packs with Ostrom outdoors packs and there is no comparison. For those of you who think I am full of hot air I run a tripping school in Nothwest Ontario and spend up to 70-80 days out on trips. Buy from a new reputable pack manufacturer you will never regrett all the sore muscles you save.

Duluth packs, carry them,...

Duluth packs, carry them, drag them, or kick them; through mud, water, gravel, sand, dirt, or over rock. and hey, we're still using the same packs!! need we say more.

#3 Original - 60L Canoe Pack