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Mafia Reviews


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Mafia Reviews

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wonderful kayak; accurate,…

Submitted by: paddler236066 on 11/24/2014
wonderful kayak; accurate, fast, stable, very soft, boof spectacular, very light, extremely maneuverable. One flaw, u n bit 'tight cockpit

the plastic on DraggoRossi…

Submitted by: billcanoes on 7/18/2013
the plastic on DraggoRossi kayaks feels stronger than the plastic in a Pyranha, Dagger or Liquid Logic. The boat was very stable; great resurfacing and turned quickly

I just got the DR Mafia this…

Submitted by: travlinsam on 1/30/2007
I just got the DR Mafia this past December (what a great wife I have). I already own a Dagger RPM Max and I wanted something that was more geared to “creeking” and it looks like I hit paydirt. The Mafia has a lot of great safety features and touts the following:

Massive volume (72 gallons displacement), Nimble maneuverability, Unmatched hull rigidity, Blinding speed, Precise tracking, The ability to turn on a dime, The bow deck is meticulously shaped for controlled resurfacing, The sides and edges of the hull are gracefully rounded to offer predictable deflection from rocks, A waterproof hatch on the back deck allows access to the rear compartment. There is also a tube that runs from the sealed rear compartment as a breathing aid for the paddler in the case of an entrapment/pin. The sealed bulkhead behind the backband adds incredible structural hull strength, and eliminates the need for stern flotation bags. A large seat option for those who on average are about 5'10" and 180lbs. or larger. If you are smaller and have large thighs then you probably want to order the large.

And it looks great…

I’m going to report back more with more information at a later time when I have a full season behind me. Until then, feel free to contact me and I’ll give you any information I might have on the DR Mafia.