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Kayak Cover Reviews

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We travel in a camper van...

We travel in a camper van conversion so our kayaks are trailered on a Monroe sport trailer (exceptional product BTW) so we get a lot of road grime and our kayaks are bright yellow composite material so are pretty much "in your face" behind our van. I looked for covers and most were easily $450 for a custom made cover. Not interested until I found the Danuu Kayak Cover for $155.

Danuu makes about half dozen different sizes and you pick the one closest to your needs. Our kayaks are 14 feet so I ordered two of their "Punk" covers for boats 12 to 15 feet long. The cover is fitted with straps at each end to take up the excess length. This posed somewhat of a problem because the 65 mph slip stream would cause some significant buffeting. Other than that, the quality of material and the workmanship is of highest quality. Of course if you need a cover just for storage, the take-up straps would be perfect.

So, what about the excess length I didn't like? With a needle and thread and about an hour for each cover, I took a tuck in the middle of the cover and now have a perfectly fitting cover with which I am very happy. A custom cover for a fraction of the cost.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone needing a cover for their boat. Danuu's delivery was exceptionally fast and the shipping cost was very reasonable.

I got the 20 foot bag to...

I got the 20 foot bag to fit my QCC 700 (18 ft boat plus 3 inches of rudder).
The QCC is narrower than average, and the bag was pretty baggy. I used a lot of duct tape to stop it flapping when I drove from NY to the Yukon and back. There are a lot of adjusting straps but not enough to snug it up properly.

Excellent cover. Well...

Excellent cover. Well worth the money. Fits my 17ft kayak like a custom cover. Really well designed. Great for outside storage.

Agree 100% with the prior...

Agree 100% with the prior review. The cover is great & people at this company are very accommodating.

Excellent price, very easy...

Excellent price, very easy to put on and remove. Travels well and built in red stern flag another plus. Folds up and stores in it's self contained bag. We use them to cover our two NC 17 yaks.