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Sport Tandem Kit

  • 21' 8" Length
  • 22" Width
  • 65 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 1,299 MSRP

Sport Tandem Kit Description

After eighteen months of development, the Sport Tandem joins the Chesapeake kayak family. This sleek double sea kayak is ideal for light touring, exercise, or even racing.While the Sport Tandem shares the Chesapeake Double's ease of construction and sturdy, fiberglass-sheathed hull, the boat is fine-lined, with a handsome sheerline and plenty of volume in the bow for lifting over waves at speed. The cockpits are grouped close amidships to keep the crew weight out of the ends of the boat. The Sport Tandem is a perfect fit for the performance-oriented couple, for adventure racers, or for an experienced adult-and-child team.

Sport Tandem Kit Reviews


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Sport Tandem Kit Specifications

  • Seating Configuration: Tandem
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Length: 21' 8"
  • Width: 22"
  • Cockpit Dimensions (L × W): 31.00 × 17.00"
  • Primary Material: Wood

Sport Tandem Kit Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Hull Shape: V-Bottom
  • Chine: Hard
  • Storage: Bow Hatch, Stern Hatch
  • Special Characteristics: Kit

Additional Attributes

  • Sport Tandem is racy but has plenty of room for gear
  • Adults of average size will find the seating comfortable
  • Includes: Plans, instructions, pre-cut parts, hatches and bulkheads, full deck rigging, Keepers™ adjustable footbraces, epoxy kit, fiberglass for hull and deck, tractor seat, and backband.

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Touring, Racing/Fitness
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Duration: Day Trip, 2-3 Day Trip
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult

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Sport Tandem Kit Reviews

Read reviews for the Sport Tandem Kit by Chesapeake Light Craft as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I bought the sport on the...

I bought the sport on the recommendation of the CLC customer service person. I wanted a kayak that I could take on week or longer trips in BC where I would be in the rear cockpit and my young (5 years old) son would be in front.

I loved building the boat and it went together according to instructions. It is a beautiful boat. However, it was the wrong boat for my intended use. It is way too twitchy to have an inexperienced paddler in front, especially one who may fall asleep after a couple of hours of paddling.

The boat has more initial stability when loaded for a trip. If you are out for a day trip you have to add ballast or the boat requires too much attention. It is not the kind of boat you can put your paddle down and take a picture. It is just too twitchy. If the paddlers are two experienced kayakers who just need a fairly fast boat this would rate higher, maybe a 7 or 8.

I hold back on a higher score because our other tandem, a Mirage 730 is faster and more stable. It leaves the sport in the dust even when it has weaker paddlers.

After paddling the Sport...

After paddling the Sport Tandem in various conditions I got a good feeling of the handling characteristics. The ST is a very fast, straight tracking and agile kayak. With practice the ST can be taken pretty much anywhere by its' pilots. I have paddled the Sport Tandem a great deal on the Chesapeake Bay and in the cold waters of the North Atlantic. Logging some of the best paddling miles of my life in this boat. With proper leans and good communication skills I and my paddling partner(s) found the kayak could be moved and turned with ease given its' length. The Sport Tandem handled the reckless motorboat wakes and occasional strong winds of the Chesapeake(Herring Bay area) with finesse on our Sunday crab runs to Skippers' Pier and braved frightening conditions in the North Atlantic. In 25+knot winds and four foot seas the Sport Tandem was a life saver on the MITA trail. The 120lb gear load really provided the added stabilty needed on those days. If you don't have enough room for all the essentials and camp bonuses in the storage compartments then you are bring way too much gear..way too much gear.

I have paddled many a double kayak and the Sport Tandem is hands down my favorite double kayak. It is by no means a "bath tub" of a vessel and it is not unstable. If one is not just butt-balancing in the kayak then the ride in the Sport Tandem is comfortable and enjoyable. For those looking to get a fast, fun and excitable tandem kayak then this is your boat. You can take down the miles and get to all the hot spots when you combine the paddling power of two. On my trip on the MITA trail I know for sure the distances would not of been covered nor would we have been able to battle the seas like we did. Everyone else was grounded to their last stop/stretch area waiting for Mother Nature to get over it while we made for a unoccupied island.

Like I have said...the Sport Tandem is well designed boat that is fun to paddle. Also was the transportation in some of the best paddling/outdoors expierence of my life. The Sport Tandem is unique and a blast to get around in. It really is a great kayak that can be unjoyed by all. Practice makes perfect and this kayak makes practicing fun. You can go twice as far, have the opportunity to relax and rest while one keeps paddling, great to fish from(hand-line and a buzz bait)and blow past others out there. Added bonus...the finished kit is a eye catcher. Looks real sharp and expect to field tons of questions and comments from curious and awe struck paddlers

Bay Paddlers LLC

While paddling on a trip...

While paddling on a trip along the Maine Island Trail last summer (02), the sport tandem held up great. The kayak was faced with 4 foot plus seas and 20 knot plus winds. The tendem's stability was wonderful. We remained on top of the water at all times. We were also able to travel quiet fast. Not only is the boat comfortable, but it has plenty of storage room too. I give the sport tandem an over all rating of 8.