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Chesapeake Light Craft
Chesapeake 14 Reviews

Read reviews for the Chesapeake 14 by Chesapeake Light Craft as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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Chesapeake 14

I bought this used from…

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I bought this used from someone who claimed that their child had outgrown it. Even though this kayak is marketed toward kids, it is a great kayak for a wide range of paddler sizes. At 5'4" and 160#, it fits me very well. My husband, at 5'10", 190# fit in it and can paddle it, although I am sure it is not on its intended lines.

What I like about it is its low deck (I do not bang my hands on the sides while paddling with my Greenland paddle), and the ease at which it balance braces and rolls for someone of my size. It is definitely a kayak that a child could grow into and possibly keep into adulthood. It has plenty of stability for a beginner, but for someone wanting to learn more advanced skills, it will fit the bill. It is a nice looking kayak as well. I have no regrets for purchasing this kayak and look forward to paddling it often.


Great beginner's boat,…

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Great beginner's boat, especially for kids! Tracks straight, wide beam and stable with its hard chines, yet turns easily enough for kids to handle well. Also glides forever. I built mine last winter and am about to put it up for this winter, but had it out many times over the summer on ponds and other flat water. I selected this for my nine-year-old daughter (or rather she selected it from the showroom floor and I acquiesced) and she has had a great time in it. It fits her and her friends very well, but the smaller adults who tried it had a difficult time getting in and fitted. It is also a very good looking boat that gets many comments.

The construction is very straightforward, with patience, and I had to learn some lessons along the way (read: cover up some mistakes). Having some intermediate woodworking skills helped as I was able to anticipate some problems before they occurred and could apply some better methods to smooth the construction process. Nonetheless, working in the evenings and after work, the process took longer than the manufacturer-provided estimates, but not enough that I considered it a problem. The people at CLC were always and immediately helpful. I was able to build it in the basement, including the sanding, epoxy, and varnish, but I did the painting outside (yes, I was able to get it out the basement--through a window).

We are looking forward to using this boat for the next several years with my daughter and her friends, and with the upcoming neighborhood kids as they grow.