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Z-2 sandals

by Chaco

Z-2 sandals Description

The Z-2 sandals is a accessory brought to you by Chaco. Read Z-2 sandals reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Z-2 sandals Reviews

Read reviews for the Z-2 sandals by Chaco as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I love the look of these...

I love the look of these shoes and they are adjustable so getting a decent fit is not too difficult after a couple days. the reason I moved it down to a 7 is because the straps are fairly painful near the heal. If you wear them long enough, you develop callouses, but without the callouses, it digs by the heel and is not comfortable.

It took me a while to get...

It took me a while to get used to the toe strap. It still occasionally causes me discomfort. I find the other models without the toe strap more comfortable. the good news is that you can wear them forever. I have owned my first pair for 10 years and they still have plenty of sole and life left. It is rare that I have outdoor shoes that I wear often that last so long.

These are my favorite...

These are my favorite paddling shoes by far. I am a OC-1 paddler, and I also tube on occasion with my non-paddling friends.

As a paddler, I spend a lot of time kneeling in my canoe-- a position that from experience, can leave you very sore, and also lead to your feet "falling asleep" from lack-of blood circulation on the river. (Kneeling "pinches off" blood vessels). However, wearing my Chaco z-2's this sensation of "pins and needles" is greatly lessened by comparison to when I wear other shoes. I think it has something to do with how open these shoes are, and how much fantastic arch support they provide.

As far as swimming with these shoes goes, I find it relatively easy. Unlike other sandals on the river, these shoes' tight straps hold the footbed close to your foot- thus minimizing the drag created by the current on the shoes.

Good shoes - good buy - good luck - and happy paddling!

The Chaco Z-2 sandal are...

The Chaco Z-2 sandal are great to use for almost all purposes. They are great for water activities, hiking, and just walking around town. They are my go to "shoe" and have lasted over 5 years with the same tread. I great thing about them is the ability to re-tread the soles but as stated before I have yet to do that. The built in arch support is great for those who have high arches as well as those like myself whose arches are non-existant. Although I have a closed toe sandal which does protect the toes, the Chacos have so much more uses and outside of the occasional rock in the foot this is the closest thing to perfect footwear.

Bought these because I...

Bought these because I learned very hard and very fast that the same sandals that I tube the local rivers and creeks with, would not be good enough for anything remotely canoe related. I own a pair of a popular brand of closed toe sandals but wearing those is like wearing logging boys into the water. I kind of stumbled upon them when I was trying on a multitude of sandals. I was eavesdropping on a sales person talking about the ability to resole these rather than throw them away.

They have very high arch support so with that tidbit I'll also warn that if you go from something like the Hurricane or Newport give yourself some time to adjust, don't just throw these on and go for a 3 mile hike, your feet will hate you. I learned this the hard way too. That being said, if I'm not going to work, odds are in wearing these around. I even have z strap tan lines on my feet.