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kayak trailer guide

Kayak Trailer Guide

While there are a variety of options for how to haul your kayaks, canoes, or paddle boards to the water, many would argue that having a kayak trailer is most convenient, heavy duty, and reliable. While the car-top solutions and roof racks work great, the kayak trailer can become your best option as you age or if you are planning for longer road trips with lots of gear! 

Kayak Trailer - Build it or Buy it?

Many a conversation have taken place as to whether you should build your own DIY kayak trailer or buy a manufactured one. If you are mechanically-inclined enough to rig or weld your Harbor Freight trailer into a taller, leveled, multi-kayak device, go for it! But for many of us who prefer to spend our time on the water and in our kayaks, having a high-quality trailer that we can back up to, hook up, and go is all the work we need. The expert brands that make trailers these days have been through enough iterations to have a perfect product for all levels of paddlers.

How Many Kayaks Will You Haul?

One of the most important questions that you need to start with is: how many kayaks in your fleet will you need to haul at once? If it is just you and your spouse or you and a couple of comrades, then one of the roof-rack style or micro trailers is perfect. You might find that a 4-6 place kayak trailer will ensure you can transport the whole family or maybe your groups are 8, 10, or more deep!