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Folding Canoes & Inflatable Canoes

The folding canoe and inflatable canoe categories have been around for some time, but have continued to improve and innovate the technology that makes them a remarkable watercraft. Be it a drop stitch assembly or a wide set of cross ribs, folding canoes and inflatable canoes continue to get lighter, more versatile, and pack down even smaller! 

Folding canoes and inflatable canoes provide that wide, stable structure that affords enough space for 1-2 canoeist and week's worth of gear. Whether you're looking to paddle solo or tandem, there's an inflatable canoe or folding canoe here for you. Browse individual models above or select one of the top folding canoe brands or inflatable canoe brands below to see all of their products. As always, be sure to read folding canoe and inflatable canoe reviews before you buy!