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Braca IX kayak paddle

Braca IX kayak paddle Description

The Braca IX kayak paddle is a paddle brought to you by Braca-Sport. Read Braca IX kayak paddle reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other paddle recommendations below or explore all paddles to find the perfect one for you!

Braca IX kayak paddle Reviews

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Braca Sport, largely...

Braca Sport, largely unknown in the US manufactures high-end composite paddles and oars. If you've ever watched the paddle and rowing competitions at the Olympics, you've seen their paddles and oars among the top gold and silver athletes.

The Bracsa IX paddle is a mid-size wing, with all carbon blade and shaft. It comes adjustable or fixed length - as do most of Braca Sports paddles. This is a high-angle paddle. The shaft is true round, as Braca Sport believes each athlete should customize the paddle grip to suit the user.

When paddling, the wing blade enters clean, and exits well without much disturbance to the water. This wing locks onto the water during the stroke, allowing more energy to be placed into the stroke without using muscle energy to control the paddle. The net result means faster speed. The blade has a slight scallop to it on the hull side, so that it does not take concentration to keep the paddle from digging into the hull during powerful strokes. The Bracsa IX comes in both Min and Max blade sizes. Braca Sport makes their own carbon fiber, which can be found in their paddles, oars, NELO kayaks, even famous sports cars.

Personally, I like this paddle and it would be good for those wanting a lightweight, firm blade, fast paddle. The Min blade size would work well for women or smaller paddlers. I used this paddle with a NELO Navigator touring sea kayak and achieved 10.6kts max speed in neutral water (relatively flat, no wind, no current).

Braca IX kayak paddle