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Mystic 10.5

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Mystic 10.5 Reviews


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Mystic 10.5 Reviews

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I purchased this kayak for my…

Submitted by: Dwayne on 9/9/2014
I purchased this kayak for my 10 year old, and he loves it. First trip he had flipped it, we had no problem getting it back over. The kayak is really stable... He is just a little daredevil.

I'm not sure where to post…

Submitted by: adbass on 9/19/2012
I'm not sure where to post this, The boat I own is an Azul Mystic 10.5, (dated 2009) which is identical to the Riot Edge 10.5, (Azul was/is a sub-brand of Riot). BTW both the "10.5" boats are 11ft long and are identical to the Riot Edge 11 (from 2011) I believe that in 2012 the seating system was changed on the Riot Edge boats.

I initially was attracted to the Edge/Mystic because of storage space considerations and because I wanted a 2nd (non-SOT) kayak to extend my paddling season. I bought my boat early in 2011.

I am 5ft 10, weigh 160lbs and have size 12 feet. Despite it's LV designation I have not found the Edge 10.5 too small for my feet or my behind (unsurprisingly I guess). My brother-in-law who is slightly shorter, but significantly heavier (210 lbs?) had no difficulty paddling the boat. It had no problem with his weight either. I have not weighed the boat (the only sure way to know) but have no difficultly placing the boat on my (quite high) car roof.

Most of the time, I just mess about on local (slow) rivers and smaller lakes. The Edge 10.5 is fine for this. The cockpit is not huge like some other recreational kayaks and has built-in thigh braces which do help me to edge the boat for turns. The skeg is helpful in the wind, but is not really necessary. I have found it most useful when paddling very, very slowly while trying track or photograph wild life...

Overall, outfitting on the Edge is good with front and rear bungees and perimeter deck lines. The rigging is very useful for self-rescues. The seat is bit basic, but I find it very comfortable, at least during trips of 2 or 3 hours. As I noted above, the seat has been revised for 2012. The floatation bag in the bow is another good feature, though of course a bulkhead would be better. Still the flooded boat can support my weight while I pump it out.

A very decent boat. A recreational kayak certainly, but one that is fun to paddle. In Quebec this year (2012) I have seen the Riot 11 model priced between $460 (for a 2011 model) and $700. The upper price bracket is OK, but at the lower price, the boat is a steal.