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Sportsman 15

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Sportsman 15 Reviews


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Sportsman 15 Reviews

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Sportsman 15

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We were looking for stability, both primary and secondary, and we got it. This canoe is almost impossible to tip. It's a sportsman, so it's designed to be stable with action going on in the boat. There is a slight keel to help with tracking. It is not a fast boat - we didn't want one - but it moves along nicely in the water.

It's width allows for lots of gear for camping. We've brought a tent, sleeping bags, clothes, coolers, 5-gallon water jugs, tarp, stoves, and food for 12 people in it with ease. We got the wood gunwales which makes it a little more attractive. It is fiberglass, but we are strictly quietwater paddlers. The seats are wood with webbing, which makes them comfortable and doesn't pool up water when it rains.

The boat is fairly lightweight for a fiberglass boat and we've portaged it a bit but it certainly would be no match for Kevlar in that regard. All in all, for what we were looking for - stability, lots of room for gear, no need for speed, reasonable weight and good price - this boat meets or exceeds our expectations.