Zegul Greenland GT Kayak for sale

Condition: Used

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The Zegul Greenland GT Kayak is a smart design meant for paddlers wanting a classic Greenland style kayak and is ideal for intermediate and advanced paddlers looking for adventure paddling in the sea or other large bodies of water. This kayak makes eskimo rolls look easy and is equipped with a retractable skeg.

The Zegul Greenland GT kayak is one of the most well recognized kayaks on the planet! Johan Wirsen, one of Europe's most prolific designers, thoroughly crafted Zegul's Greenland series to be true to heritage with classic lines closely replicating Inuit / Aleut peoples’ original ‘Skin-on-framedesigns.

This used kayak is in excellent condition and can be purchased for $1,100.00

A new Zegul Greenland GT Kayak starts at $4,299.00.

Length: 17’ 10”

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