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Wilderness Systems Tsunami 120 Kayaks

Condition: Used

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Wilderness Systems Tsunami 120 Kayaks & Accessories = $2450
Fantastic seat system, very adjustable
50 lbs - 12 feet long
Stabilizing thigh braces and adjustable foot pegs
Large covered storage hatches
Always garage stored, out of the UV sun.
Other than a few scratches on the bottom, they are in brand new condition.
Fully accessorized for adventure.
Bright colors for high visibility on the water (powerboat boat safety)
Sealed bulkheads bow and aft for positive buoyancy safety

Great reviews


  • Werner Skagit 2 piece carbon shaft adjustable angle paddles w/ drip rings and neoprene comfort grips
  • Harmony Gripper Ultralite touring skirts; easy to attach or detach while in kayak - excellent for keeping water out of cockpit if waves/wind change while you’re out
  • Two Seals Cockpit Seal 1.7 for driving transport (less wind resistance and rain protection stability so cockpit doesn’t fill up with water making it difficult to unload or drain kayak from roof)
  • Kayak cart which critically breaks down easily and FITS in the rear storage compartment of the kayak so you don’t have to walk all the way back to the vehicle once the kayak reaches the water.
  • Yakima cable lock system with paddle cuffs enables easily locking the boat and paddle up for biking shuttles back to the vehicle
  • Dual chamber paddle floats (enable recovery to get back into kayak if you tip over in deeper water)
  • Great DVD showing all skills and tips to make things easier and safe

Best Roof Rack System (priced separately if you want/don’t it) = $200

  • Yakima SweetRoll kayak carrier (boat rollers and pads) and all straps
  • Suction cup attachable roller for assist
I had J racks initially but they require a lot of strength to load and unload, while on a ladder to reach it comfortably. Far better solution is the Yakima boat rollers. One person load/unload is easy. Put nose of boat on the attachable roller and just walk the rear of the boat onto the boat rollers and then slide it forward onto the front pads.
More streamlined for less wind resistance also as the boats ride flat vs. on their edge with J racks.
I used these on a Toyota 4Runner and it worked great. The attachable roller was perfect to get the boat over the small “lip” of the rear hatch door so that it then reaches the rear cross bar of the roof rack with the boat rollers.

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