Wilderness Systems Cape Horn

Condition: Used

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2001 Wilderness Systems Cape Horne, which was the top of their line back in the day, retailing for something over $1500. It’s 15’8” long and weighs about 60 pounds. Fast for a sea kayak and extremely stable. It’s got the usual scratches on the hull, but no other damage, and as far as I know or can tell has never been repaired. Given its age it’s in excellent condition, and it’s entirely watertight. It has forward and rear hatches that are separated from the cockpit by bulkheads, and both compartments remain virtually dry. The forward hatch has an airbag in it to help with flotation, although it can easily be removed if the paddler wants to carry more gear or luggage.

Sale includes the following accessories that are specific to the kayak:

- Voyager skirt

- Seals cockpit fitted cover

- Rescue Step safety ladder

- Pelican dry box

- Riverstones paddle float

- Ayaport neoprene paddle grips

- Safety flag with custom shaft

- Dolly with inflatable tires and straps

- Gearlab deck bag (terrific - keeps essentials handy and reachable from the cockpit)

- Onyx Movant PFD (size M/L)

- generic bilge pump

- submersible thermometer

- OG paddler hat (size L)

- paddle holders

- orange cinch strap

- Coleman stadium seat (fits well on seat and greatly increases comfort)

- Compass and RAM iPhone mount permanently mounted on hull in front of cockpit.

Accessories cost well over $750 – probably closer to $1,000.

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