Valley Nordkapp HM

Condition: Used

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Fast and capable sea/touring kayak for rough water and overnight camping trips. I have had this since 2018 and have paddled it around many of the island towns in southern New Jersey. I have thoroughly washed it after all saltwater trips. This kayak got me into sea kayaking and is what I learned to roll in. It is best for an intermediate and above paddler and has good secondary stability. It tracks well, and I found it best to use edging or low brace turns.

This kayak was made in 1995 and is still in good shape. There a small spider cracks in the gel coat but those should have no impact on its strength. I had covered some in clear epoxy and recently waxed the whole boat. I also replaced all the hatch covers in 2018 with genuine Valley ones and have consistently treated them with 303 and never stored them in the sun. It has always been stored indoors during my ownership. I made some upgrades to the seat by adding padding and replacing the original backband. The bungees and reflective perimeter lines were recently replaced. The fiberglass layup is thick and very impact resistant. All of the bulkheads are in good shape.

There is a built-in compass and hand-operated bilge pump This kayak has an ocean-style cockpit which is smaller than most (~18"x26"), but feels very secure once you get in. It is a bit more challenging to enter, but I have never had a problem wet exiting. It comes with a spray skirt that has a L size tunnel and fits me well at 34’ waist and a small gut.


Length ~18ft

Weight ~57lb

Width ~21in

Approximate Location

Location is approximate

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