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Swift Osprey - Cherry gunnels in Philadelphia

Condition: Used

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For Sale: 2001 Swift Osprey

Blue with cherry gunnels

Made of Swiftec

Superficial scratches on the bottom and beautiful cherry wood gunnels. Gunnels just cleaned up and Watco oiled

$1850 OBO

Swift Osprey

Manufacturer's Description:

The Osprey draws on the lessons learned from our highly acclaimed tandem, the Dumoine. Through skillful manipulation of the shape, the Osprey’s heavily rockered, asymmetrical hull provides exceptional maneuverability yet remarkable tracking, while its high Prismatic Coefficient assures fast traveling. The uniquely sculpted, flared hull keeps water out yet permits proper strokes and easy paddling. Osprey owners have an almost cult-like fanaticism about their boats and, if you are serious about solo paddling, it will be worth your while to find out why.


Length: 15`-0"
Width: 26"
Centre Depth: 12"
Bow / Stern Height: 18" / 15.5"
Weight: 50 lb. (Swiftech)

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