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For Sale: Necky Eliza Pink Ocean / Sea Kayak with Rudder

Condition: Used

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Hi there, I am selling my pink Necky Eliza ocean / sea kayak with a rudder. This is a sit inside / touring sea/ocean kayak that can be used for long distance trips. It has been stored outside/underneath a family friend's house. They are moving and I don't have the ability to store it. It's a great kayak to use in the Long Island Sound. I've taken it across to Long Island in this kayak. It's got great storage compartments for overnight or daytrip bags. It's a very smooth and sleek ride! It has straps to store water bottles, sunsreen, etc. It's very lightweight in the water if you need to exit the kayak via an 'Eskimo roll' too! Here it is listed on REI's site: https://www.rei.com/product/747763/necky-eliza-kayak-with-rudder I may have 2 Werner brand light weight and sleek orange sea kayak paddles with a storage case, that has a shoulder strap and handle, to go along with it if I find them in my storage unit: https://www.amazon.com/Werner-Paddles-Camano-Straight-Paddle/dp/B00WODN9QI If you are interested, please reply to the post. I'm asking $975 or best offer. I'm looking to sell within the next 2 weeks and use cashless payement via an app like Venmo. I would need you to be able to meet me in Darien, CT for contactless payment and for you to be able to pick up and carry the kayak on your own (or bring a friend!) from my family friend's backyard to a pickup truck/SUV of your own to transport it to your home or wherever you are storing it. It weighs about 50 pounds. It can be strapped on top of a car if you have a rack and tie downs (Thule makes some I used to use). (Pictures are from the web, not my own. I believe the specs on the last photo are correct from a Google search.) Thanks, Nikki

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