Sea Kayak Tandem - Aleut Sea II

Condition: Used

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Pure Perfection Custom - Aleut Sea II Double Sea Kayak

(AKA: Aleut II, Aleut 2, Aleut Sea 2)

Available with or without trailer.

Currently crafted by Valley Sea Kayaks

In 1989 Howard Jeffs designed the Aleut Sea II double expedition sea kayak, the only sea kayak at that time to have been paddled around the most northern (Taymyr Peninsula, Russia) and southern (Cape Horn) land masses of the world. It is still rated as a “Rolls-Royce” of serious expedition double sea kayaks.

As testament to its enduring design the Aleut Sea II has been in production since 1989. Although no longer produced by Pure Perfection Custom in North Wales, it is still produced by world renown Valley Sea Kayaks in Nottingham England.

This is a 1990 model and we have owned it for over 30 years. Its a long (22’ British style kayak) that combines performance, stability, and durability. It is highly regarded as one of the fastest production sea kayak…yes it is very fast (it cruises about 6 miles per hour), is stable and ideal for long crossings and big seas. We crossed Lake Michigan (Door County to Michigan) in this kayak in 1996, a 60 mile crossing. We were loaded with 2 weeks of camping gear, stopping on 6 Islands before ending up in the U. P. of Michigan..

This double separates the paddlers with a large luggage space which means you can paddle independently without worrying about synchronizing strokes like shorter boats. That's a big advantage when there is high swell, and both paddlers want to adjust their rhythm to the rhythm of the waves. It is a real expedition kayak, and it is designed to carry lots of luggage. In fact is is rated at an enormous: 285 liters in the 3 hatches and then even more space in secret places like behind the seats, under the knees and so.

This version is Coremat/Diolen (i.e. fiberglass) has ocean size cockpits ( 20 x 15.5” ), 4 water tight bulkheads. 3 large water tight oval hatches, 2- CHIMP bilge pumps, aluminum/wood rudder and plenty of lash downs. We have only had it on fresh water. The oval hatches are 17" x 9.5", they are easy to load and unload and remain DRY. The rudder controls are solid and allow for bracing while steering, the seats are minimalist but we have found them comfortable. This boat rolls easily provided you know how to roll. No leaks, good condition. YES, it has scratches bumps and bruises which are cosmetic but none compromise integrity. Oval hatches have custom fiberglass covers and seal well. A spare rubber cover is included. Rubber replacement covers available on line. Includes a wheeled cart that can be strapped to the back to allow one person to pull boat.

At $2100 you get the boat. At $2600 you get boat and boat trailer with Thule Space Box. Its an older trailer with 15” auto tires, nicely sprung and tows nice. Well equipped to haul this long boat and store some of your wet gear out side of your vehicle. Easy pulling with good ground clearance. Kind of a "Rat Rod" trailer but effective. Also includes a canvas transport boat cover.

Let me be clear, this is a big, fast kayak double that may not be well suited to a total beginners. None the less, it can work well if you have one experienced and one less experienced paddler.

I will sell the kayak without the trailer but not the trailer without the kayak. We have transported the kayak safely on top of Mini-vans, VW Passat station wagons, and trucks with a cap. I Do NOT recommend transport on small cars with roof racks closely spaced together. Kayak is to long! The trailer on the other hand can be pulled by almost any size vehicle with 1 7/8” hitch.

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