Pakboat Quest 135, complete but needs repairs

Condition: Parts/Salvage

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  • Quest 135

    Quest 135


This is a Pakboat Quest 135 folding kayak with the repair kit. The frame and seat are in good condition. Some of the valves for the inflatable sponsons are leaking and should be replaced. There is a split in the deck a few inches long behind the cockpit. There seems to be a crack in the hull that might be leaking, but I couldn't tell for sure last time I used the boat.

I'm asking $250 (the listing form changed it to 249 - why?), but I'll sell it for half that if you help me find a new apartment. I'm in Galt, CA, but the form won't let me list this posting with that (why?)

(I thought I posted this same ad yesterday, but I don't see it in the classifieds; please let me know if it's this is a repeat posting so I can delete it if it is.)

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