NDK Romany Classic 50/50 Hybrid Layup

Condition: Used

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The award winning Romany Classic is a short 16’, responsive, stable kayak both empty and loaded, with super high secondary stability, and neutral in winds and following seas. Designed for rough water and ease of handling in conditions, it is very comfortable for the athletic novice, yet many coaches also choose it as a work boat for its all day comfort in varied conditions. With one of the first and best keyhole cockpits offered in sea kayaks, it provides a wide range of fit for medium sized paddlers. The Romany tracks well for its length, and is easily controlled in wind with a minimum of weather cocking. Its high volume bow reduces plunging into waves. The maneuverability allows for good control in bumpy water or when playing in surf and rock gardens. Mostly it shines with its high secondary stability and keyhole cockpit providing a high level confidence and comfort in rougher, challenging waters. The up-on-edge secondary stability makes the Romany one of the easiest rolling boats we’ve experienced; you don’t have to roll as far ‘up’ to be stable. Originally designed as Nigel’s school boat for his Centre in North Wales, its broad function and high secondary stability have kept it as one of the baseline all around sea kayaks since its introduction in 1993.

The Romany Classic has won Sea Kayaker Magazine Readers Choice Awards for Best Rough-water Sea Kayak and Best Weekend Sea Kayak three times.

Recommended paddler weight: 120-200 lbs.

The kayak is fitted with a Carbon Kevlar deck, bulkheads and seat. The kayak has a low rear deck for easy rolling, a keyhole cockpit that gives excellent grip, control and allows quick exit if need be. The sloping bulkhead behind the seat allows the kayak to be emptied by lifting only the bow, no x-rescue is necessary.

Key Features:

- Rocker, Super maneuverability when surfing and prevents purling.

- Low back deck and cockpit, Easy to roll

- Keyhole cockpit, provides secure fit and optimum paddling position

- Rear Day hatch, Keep essential gear close to hand.

- Skeg, Aids tracking capabilities in cross winds.


Condition: Used, Like New (stored indoors)

Built: 2019 (purchased in 8/2020)

Length: 16', Width: 21.5"

Layup: 50/50 Hybrid with Carbon Kevlar deck, bulkheads and seat and Standard Expedition fiberglass hull

Skeg: Wire (Kari slider)

Keel Strip: No

Weight: 48 lbs.


- Deck Dragon: Clear C/K

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