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The14'7" Lady Slipper solo canoe was designed by Cliff Jacobson, put into production in 1978 by Mad River and renamed the "Slipper". This canoe is 29" wide at the gunwals and 27" at the 4" waterline (my estimate) with modest rocker of about 1.5", it.has a modified shallow arch bottom which moves very easily through the water with great glide and is very responsive to the paddle. This canoe was built for an employee, Mr. Allen from whome i purchased the canoe. It is very stiff and strong being constructed of fiberglass and Kevlar with a custom aqua marine colored gel coat finish. It has been well cared for and is in excellent condition with minimal normal scratcheing on the bottom.

The low 10.5" shear reduces its wind sensitivity and It handles well on non-technical rivers through mid class 2 rapids. This is a fun recreational solo canoe. A sliding cane seat moves on ash rails and is nice for trimming the canoe when loaded. The gunwals are new ash from Mad River and have a light walnut stain applied by Mr. Allen.

This fine canoe is in very good condition and represents a well designed and well built piece of modern canoe history.

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