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Phoenix Isere, 17' Kevlar lay-up, only 27 lbs, like new

Condition: Used

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  • Weave close-up

    Weave close-up

  • weave close-up

    weave close-up

  • Front floatation airbag.

    Front floatation airbag.

  • Seat back and bottom,, knee cushions

    Seat back and bottom,, knee cushions

  • Garage ceiling storage when not car-topped in garage

    Garage ceiling storage when not car-topped in garage

  • Weave close-up

    Weave close-up


I have two Phoenix kayaks, both in Kevlar lay-up, this 14'9" (prox 27 lb) Isere and the smaller 12' Poke Boat (prox 23 lb). When not in use, storage since inception has been either atop my garaged car or hung from my garage ceiling, never stored outdoors. Use has been daytime only in the Skokie Lagoons, located in Glencoe and Winnetka IL (Chicago suburbs), managed by the Cook County Forest Preserve District. The main input/outtake area (the only one ever used) is a gently sloping sand/pebble/grass landing just off the car-park area. All this explains the near unused appearance you see in the photos, some very light scratches, that's it. Also adding to that appearance is the fact that the Poke Boat always has been my preference, both purchased in later life, the lighter/shorter Poke Boat better serving my physical capability, the Isere used maybe 10 times all-told.

Thus this listing. I celebrated my 80th in 2020, and the longer and bit heavier Isere finally has become just too much physically during loading/unloading in anything but the gentlest breeze.

Reading from an old Phoenix newsletter I've still on file, the company's woven kayaks focus primarily on STRENGTH & WEIGHT (like any kayak manufacturer of that time or any other time), stressing structural integrity, flex on impact, and selective reinforcement (strengthening areas most vulnerable to damage while reducing overall weight). Not to knock any other manufacturer, but Phoenix has more than proved its capability over its many years of manufacture. Add on top of all this its custom-built Kevlar models, and you have a very sweet end-product.

Other features include inflatable floatation, maximizing options for storage and gear, and an extremely low center of gravity due to below-water-line seating, and factory installed under-knee and seat cushioning. As for looks, particularly on a bright sunny day, the Kevlar weave visible below its rosin finish is absolutely beautiful!

Performance-wise, the Isere is designed to hold well to a straight line while maintaining quick and easy maneuverability.

I've spoken with the Poke Boat people at Phoenix, and the price quoted for a new Isere is in the area of $2,600 plus tax and delivery. Considering all the above, and assuming pick-up from my location, I am pricing at a third less than new.

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