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KayakPro Speedstroke Gym ergometer

Condition: Used

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Hi -- I have an old but working Speedstroke Gym kayaking erg. The only problem is that it does not have electronics. $1100 OBO. Located in AZ. Can figure out shipping if there's serious interest. Original adjustable aluminum shaft included. Needs one replacement adjuster ($25 from KayakPro + shipping) OR buy a Length Lock 1 adjuster from Epic for $9.90. Shown with a custom-made carbon fiber paddle rod. I took the pull bar off the footrest, but it screws back on. The electronics issues can probably -- but not definitely -- be fixed, but I'm fed up with dealing with KayakPro. I tried the KayakPro bluetooth solution ("GenesisPort") and I could get the machine to measure distance, but it would miss strokes, making the cadence data wonky. See below for full details. . If you were to try to fix the electronics, you'd need a performance monitor (~$250 after shipping from KayakPro) and a new pickup ($40 + $20 shipping from KayakPro). Note that the "pickup" is actually a $1 inductor, so you can save some money by soldering a 3.5mm aux cable to the right inductor. I *think* but do not know, that the problems might be solved by positioning the pickup closer to the flywheel OR replacing the magnets on the flywheel. There are also various cheap alternatives to the KayakPro electronics, but none I'm aware of will do flywheel calibration.

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