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KAYAK - Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl High Performance 12'10"

Condition: Used

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The 393rl is a high-performance lightweight inflatable kayak with RazorLite Drop Stitch engineering designed for intermediate kayakers. It is in virtually perfect condition, used 19 times and has 2 years remaining on the warranty. Read the reviews and see 4 key advantages of this Kayak everyone loves:

(1) Lightweight 35 lbs and portable yet holds up to a 250 lb person and 250 lb of gear.

(2) Very fast - Razorlite technology produces a rigid stable shell that cuts through the water.

(3) It Tracks extremely well making it easy to steer.

(4) It has a lot of storage space for packs, etc.

Included w sale: Kayak. paddle, portable hand pump, carry bag and seat backpack, repair kit. Sea Eagle electric pump is extra $100. Current new cost $1,258 including $159 electric pump.

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