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Kayak Paddles - Hauthaway

Condition: Used

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Two beautiful and lightweight hand-crafted kayak paddles made by noted

boat builder Bart Hauthaway. Cedar shafts with fiberglass blades. 84"

long. Perfect for general recreational and slalom kayaking. These are

feathered with a "left grip" (for a fixed left hand and rotation in the

right). Excellent condition.

Extremely comfortable and very efficient with a nice but subtle curve to

the blade for paddling efficiency and control. Very, very strong and

beautifully crafted, quite unlike commercially produced paddles

today. These paddles are deeply appreciated by those of us who have ever

been lucky enough to own or use Hauthaway's boats. They have superb

beauty, are very lightweight, and allow for an especially graceful and

functional performance in the water.

Selling together as a pair— it is always good to have an extra.

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