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Inuit 14.5 - Red - w/ Trailer & mounts

Condition: Used

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A Native Watersports Inuit 14.5 in bright red. Excellent for touring, it’s equipped with two sealed bulkheads for dry storage, one in the front and one in the back, as well as a quick-access hatch in easy reach behind the seat for small storage. It also comes fully furnished with adjustable seating, foot rests, and thigh pads. The stern is ready for a rudder to be added with mounting screws already installed. Unloaded, it weighs in at 60lbs and comes with a paddle, paddle float, bilge pump, boat sponge, dry bag, and replacement cordage.

The kayak was bought in 2018 before Native Watercraft’s merger with LiquidLogic and has seen occasional use; but, has spent most of that time in a covered garage away from the elements and is still in wonderful condition.

It comes cradled on one of two sets of Malones SeaWing V-style kayak carriers with straps included to secure the kayak down to the trailer.

The trailer itself is a Malone MicroSport trailer: model MPG460Gf that is in Like New condition.

  • 800 lbs Load capacity
  • Weight: 197 lbs
  • Reinforced steel tongue can transport boats up to 20' long
  • 78" steel rectangular load bars featuring D-Ring tie-downs
  • Pre-wired electrical system
  • 12" galvanized wheels with marine grade sealed bearings
  • DOT approved LED lighting and bearings
  • Marine grade galvanized steel frame
  • Dimensions: 159" L x 78" W
  • Mounting Height for Ball from Ground: 18"
  • Height of Cross Bars from Ground: 30"
  • Cross Bar Spread (Adjustable): 44" - 63"
  • Required Ball Size for Vehicle Attachment: 2"

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