Impex Assateague Sea Touring Kayak

Condition: Used

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This Impex Assateague Sea Touring Kayak is the perfect choice for the larger water sports enthusiast. Made in Canada, this fiberglass 17-foot kayak can comfortably fit larger individuals and has been gently used, with few signs of wear and tear. With its sleek design and advanced features, including a comfortable seat and smooth maneuverability, this kayak is ideal for both beginners and experienced kayakers.

Whether you're exploring the calm waters of a lake or navigating the rapids of a river, this kayak will provide you with the stability and performance you need to enjoy your experience to the fullest. Invest in this Impex Assateague Sea touring kayak today and take your water sports adventures to the next level!

The Assateague is a Greenland style sea/touring kayak specifically designed for the larger sized paddler. It moves very fast with little effort, and responds extremely well to all paddle strokes. It is designed for longer journeys and is perfectly suitable for use on calm lakes or rough seas.
The kayak has a retractable skeg, not a rudder, for more efficient use of your energy. It tracks well and is very stable and fun to paddle. Knee cups give you control over the edging of the boat.
For touring and camping there is tons of storage including a large day hatch you can reach without getting out of the kayak. It has plenty of space for storing both gear and water bottles, cameras, phones, etc.
The three hatches allow you to stow plenty of gear such as a tent, sleeping bag, provisions, etc. for long expeditions or camping trips.

The kayak has never been stored in sunlight. The colors are not faded and there is no UV damage. All three rubber hatch covers are new and free from cracks.
The Assateague cockpit has a large openingand which makes it the top choice of larger paddlers around the country. It is designed for a large person to allow easy entry and exit. The cockpit can be fitted with a spray skirt to keep water out.
The Assateague is designed for strengthand maximum dryness with 3 fiberglass bulkheads. It is ready to take on any water condition from morning glass to ocean touring.
MATRIAL: Fiberglass COLOR: TOP- Yellow, STRIPE- Red, HULL- White LENGTH: 17'10" WIDTH: 22.5" DEPTH: 13.75" WEIGHT: 64 lbs COCKPIT: 17" x 32"
BOW HATCH: 15 Gallons STERN HATCH: 22 Gallons DAY HATCH: 10 Gallons TOTAL VOLUME: 47 Gallons PADDLER WEIGHT: 175-275 lbs


Bulkhead and seams - strong fiberglass construction, Skeg, Comfort Grip carry handles, Recess for Compass

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