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Homemade Bent Canoe Paddles

Condition: New

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Selling 14 handmade bentshaft paddles that I've been working on for over a year to fund my cross country ski training and outdoor adventures. There's a variety of sizes and materials used. Most wood used was either a scrap or reclaimed. Most paddles are between 50 and 52". This is a general listing for all the paddles with brief descriptions of each. The pictures should be in order on the listing. I'd estimate 5-7 hours are into each of these paddles with a few extra into the bent lamination paddle (#6). Unless mentioned, each of the paddles has been fiberglassed and varnished on the blade. The shaft & grip is separately finished with mineral oil to prevent blisters. I'm hoping these paddles can find the hands of experienced paddlers. These were produced without automation or a vacuum bag. They are not perfectly symmetrical or polished but are quality paddles with character. Please PM me for more pictures or any questions.

#1. Just under 50" Cedar Blade $210
#2. 52.5" Spruce & Walnut Blade $200
#3. Just under 51" Spruce & Walnut Blade from a previous batch with a slightly thicker, heavier blade $165
#4. 50" Doug Fir & Walnut Blade $225
#5. Just under 51.5" Cedar and Walnut Blade $215
#6. Just under 51" Alaskan Yellow Cedar & Walnut bent lamination $315
#7. 51" Fir & Walnut $225
#8. 55" Cedar & Walnut *non fiberglassed, just epoxy + varnish* (lighter but not as durable) $150
#9. Just under 52" Spruce & Walnut $200
#10. 51.5" very tight grain Western Red Cedar $280
#11. Just over 50.5" Fir & Walnut $225
#12. 52" Cedar & Walnut $215
#13. Just over 50.5" Spruce & Walnut $210
#14. 51" Spruce & Walnut $200

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