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handmade cypress pirogues

Condition: New

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    on the dock

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  • old paddlers

    old paddlers

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    The old Cap paddles away

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    Lawrence Wille at work


I have three pirogues that were handmade for me by Lawrence Wille, in Belle Chase, Louisiana. They were painted by Ron Blue, a longtime wooden boatbuilding instructor at the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum, in Madisonville, Louisiana. One of the three has been in the water 3 times. The other two have never been wet.

I am asking $4,000.00 each, including some combination of the loose gear. They cost me a whole lot more than that!

They are 16 ft. long X 36" wide X approximately 15" high. They weigh 60-70 lbs., depending on loose gear, and 290 lbs. with me aboard.

The construction is clear cypress over oakume marine plywood.They are glued-up and watertight. The removable floor boards are pressure-treated wood.

I also have a boatload of new wooden paddles, pfd's, and 6 detachable/folding seats that Lawrence Wille made, plus a long 2-wheel cart that Ron Blue made.

These boats are located in Hilton Head Island, SC, stored in a new 7 ft X 17 ft. cargo trailer, which will also be for sale once the boats are gone.

I can be reached by phone or text at 843.290.4368, or by email [email protected], or by DM on InstaGram @captn.curiosity

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