Carbon Lendal Kinetik Touring S kayak paddle, 4-piece

Condition: Used

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220cm tip-to-tip, straight shaft, 0-60 degree button ferrule with Paddlok lock and key. Carbon shaft and blades. Can be configured for either right- or left-handed use.

Lendal touring kayak paddles are extremely lightweight (approx. 28 oz) and stiff-shafted delivering efficiency, power and control, even in rough water conditions. The longer, narrower blades and optional offset deliver control and better handling in windy conditions. Intended for low to mid-angle paddling, touring blades are easier on the shoulder joint, giving you longer time on the water without sacrificing performance.

Single owner, stored indoors. Paddle has normal wear and tear, otherwise in excellent condition and has been well cared for. Paddle was purchased sometime between 2000-2005. Comparable new paddle >$500. Exact price unknown, 4-pc must be special ordered. Carbon 2-piece Lendal paddle is $489.

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