Boreal Ellesmere –Kevlar/yellow

Condition: Used

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I’ve owned this kayak for 15 years and love how it handles. It’s a fast boat that turns easily and tracks well. I rarely use the skeg. I am 5’5” and 135 pounds: its narrow width and low volume made it easy to handle. The boat is rated for larger paddlers up to 235 pounds and the adjustable foot pegs would accommodate a much taller paddler. This boat was constructed in Canada before the company outsourced to China. It is very well made with a lot of attention to details.

There’s a lot of storage for overnight trips. The 3 hatches are airtight and have never leaked. The boat has always been stored indoors and is in excellent condition. It’s also a very pretty boat that receives lots of compliments. Here is a description I found online.

“Ellesmere combines the advantages of a hard chine and a rounded arch. The reverse hard chine optimizes kayak behavior during a lean turn, with the inverted chine coinciding with the waterline. The kayak's low profile affords minimal resistance to wind. The comfortable, close-fitted adjustment of the low cockpit allows the paddler to lie back during rolls, making them easier to navigate. Designed for experienced paddlers. Equipped with a skeg, 3 watertight hatches, padded thigh braces, molded seat with back band, deck lines.”

LENGTH: 16' 11”
WIDTH: 22"
DEPTH: 12"
COCKPIT: 16" x 30"

BOW HATCH: 18 Gallons
STERN HATCH: 29 Gallons
TOTAL VOLUME: 92 Gallons

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