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Blackhawk Shadow 11' 7"

Condition: Used

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FOR SALE: Blackhawk Shadow 11 ft 7 inch red fiberglass solo canoe. Made by Phil Sigglekow of the original Blackhawk Canoe Company in Janesville, Wisconsin. The Shadow models came in four different lengths. This 11-ft 7-in canoe is the hard to find shortest length. It was made in 1992 (per the last two numbers of the serial number). It is ideally suited for paddlers weighing up to 150 lb, making it perfect for youth and smaller framed adults who want an agile, light boat. Provides fun, fast and nimble tracking and heels easily for carving turns. It definitely likes being leaned a bit for increased stability. Excellent canoe for freestyle paddling and navigating lazy flat water rivers. The ends have sealed tanks for flotation. Wood gunnels are in good condition and the original seat has been refurbished with webbing. The interior fiberglass is in excellent condition with no cracks or patches. The exterior coat exhibits surface scratching on the bottom but has no gouges or dents. This canoe was stored indoors. $650

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