Blackburn Designs Kayak Paddle

Condition: Used

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This beautiful laminated wooden paddle is a rare Blackburn Design paddle from the mid-1980’s. Blackburn Design of Decatur GA was a custom paddle shop run by a couple brothers and their paddles were sold by the old Go with The Flow store in Roswell GA for several years.

I used this paddle for a short time on my first boat, a skin-on-frame ‘Folbot’ that I built from a kit. This paddle was way too short for that wide boat; I pretty quickly bought another paddle, and this one has stood in a corner of my home offices over the years.

The paddle is 210 cm (82.68”) in length and the blades are set at a 90’ angle. The shaft is an oval that transitions from one side to the other to match the blade angle for great feedback while paddling. The blades have a slight curve to the power face and the tips of the blades contain embedded aluminum reinforcement.

Payment of $220.00 in cash only. I can meet you within 20 miles of Milton GA for delivery.

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